Premiere: dai-ichi/Lamp of Murmuur
Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror

1/29/21 | J.R.

<i>Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror</i> cover art

The art of the split is difficult to master. What pairings will work? How should the aesthetics merge? There are numerous variables which go into the joining of two different artistic beings, and the duo of the obscure dai-ichi and equally mysterious Lamp of Murmuur make these variables all the more compelling. Though similar sides of the proverbial coin, these two acts present distant ends of the ever-expanding raw black metal spectrum on the impending Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror.

Lamp of Murmuur promo photo for <i>Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror</i>

From parts unknown (though aesthetics point to Japan), dai-ichi's brand of harsh, uncompromising black metal presents itself in a minimal, bludgeoning manner. Riffs are king here and ideas flow out one after another in disjointed bliss. You don’t need to think when listening to dai-ichi. Their expressionistic dynamic is pure lizard-brain, gut-punching mania. Given the band’s stance on not providing any statements, one must wonder what this band’s process is, or at least how they maintain control over their uninhibited music with such relaxed mastery. Should black metal have a personality, dai-ichi would undoubtedly be the id: unbridled and animalistic. Listen to the pre-release stream of dai-ichi’s "Pesuto no jidai no ai" from their forthcoming split with Lamp of Murmuur below.

Lamp of Murmuur’s take on black metal activates a different part of the brain. Though just as ferocious as his split partners, Lamp of Murmuur offers something more complex; a perfect foil to dai-ichi’s unrestrained anger. Though Lamp of Murmuur’s chops are undeniable and previously presented on previous releases, it is incredible to see the level of musicianship found within. The mysterious M. has previously lifted the veil on his process, the fact that this music is partially improvised (or at least “automatic”) makes the lore built around this project all the more compelling. Listen to a pre-release stream of Lamp of Murmuur’s "Curse of Silent Thunder" from their split with dai-ichi below.

Though both are examples of raw black metal, the dai-ichi and Lamp of Murmuur split offers a multifaceted view of this increasingly popular style. Through dai-ichi’s controlled-but-manic pummel and Lamp of Murmuur’s honed improvisation and careful construction raw black metal reveals its many, varying faces. For a style so superficially conservative, this is a bit surprising, but welcomed.

Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror releases soon on Fólkvangr Records (cassette, US), Bile Noire (cassette, EU/ROW), and Nebular Carcoma Records (LP).