Premiere: Pan-Amerikan Native Front
"Michikiniqua's Triumph"

1/29/21 | J. Proust

<i>Little Turtle's War</i> album cover featuring art by Healing Ways Artistry

About six years ago there came a band would’ve scared the sweet lovin’ bejesus out of folks back in the day. Supposes that’s true of most of the bands we cover around here, but this fella in particular would’ve riled up some otherwise honest and well-meaning folks.

Keep in mind, Native Americans were still portrayed as the bad guys in westerns well into the ‘70s. Now half a century later we have a one-man black metal band of Mesoamerican descent calling themselves Pan-Amerikan Native Front and singing songs about Native leaders who lived three centuries ago. Native leaders who fought against the American military and won major battles back when the war over this land was waged in the open air between the chthonic and the invasive.

Pan-Amerikan Native Front promo photo

Ever since their first release, their debut album Tecumseh’s War, PANF has distinguished themselves as a band with a message. More vengeful and true than political, PANF is an entity in the thralls of a sanguine animus. The utter concept, the raw execution, the immersive sounds, the unique compositions, the visceral riffs, the gritty lyrics, the very spirit of the band runs through it to its innermost core. Everything that it is, it is entirely and sincerely. Few contemporary bands in the history of this god forsaken genre can claim such a focus.

Pan-Amerikan Native Front logo

Today it’s our pleasure to share with our readers an incredible new track from Pan-Amerikan Native Front’s upcoming sophomore album Little Turtle’s War. Reminiscent of the same energy that ran pure through Bathory and Ildjarn, but barreling with something completely its own, this is “Michikiniqua’s Triumph.”

The man behind Pan-Amerikan Native Front told The Call of the Night that “Michikiniqua’s Triumph” takes “an old Americana song” and “[flips] it on its head.”

Little Turtle’s War “is dedicated to the heroes of the woodlands, the Western Confederacy of the Great Lakes region,” Pan-Amerikan Native Front wants our readers to know. “In silent half crescent formation, indigenous military forces repel the waves of invasion. On their signal, Michikiniqua and Weyapiersenwah lead a path to victory!”

The physical release of Little Turtle's War begins February 5th and will consist of a joint effort between: Pan-Amerikan Native Front on Bandcamp (self-released cassette), Stygian Black Hand (USA Tomahawk Edition cassette), Les Fleurs du Mal Productions (CAN Flintlock Edition cassette), and Death Kvlt Productions (international vinyl and cassette release).