Premiere: Black Knife
"Satan's Wolves"

2/26/21 | J. Proust

Black Knife <i>Murder Season</i> cover art

Next Friday, Black Knife will release Murder Season, their second full-length album since forming seven years ago. Beginning with their self-titled debut EP, Black Knife have made a career of stabbing forth rapidly and indiscriminately with blunt riffs, filthy, animalistic drumming and throat-cut vocals that consistently sound like crazy-eyed threats made by a knife-wielding maniac. Across five splits and one previous full-length, the Lexington-based trio have hewed and hacked their way against the grain and trends alike to emerge snarling and drenched in the blood of those who stood in their way.

Black Knife logo Black Knife band photo

“Bloodbath Orgy,” released earlier this month on Black Knife’s Bandcamp, has already reassured us that Black Knife have not evolved, they’ve only gotten better at killing. On this night, as the full moon approaches, we have the pleasure of subjecting our readers like sacrificial lambs to another song from the long-fanged trio’s forthcoming sophomore bloodbath, Murder Season. The album releases in full Friday, March 5th with physical editions via JEMS Label (vinyl), Husk Records (vinyl and CD), and Morbid and Miserable Records (cassette). Driven by a d-beat and an infernal thirst for blood and booze, this is track # 8, “Satan’s Wolves.”