Premiere: Crucifixion Ritual
Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity

5/7/21 | R.L.

Crucifixion Ritual <i>Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity</i> cover art

Abominating from Ireland’s gore-soaked fortress Invictus Productions, Crucifixion Ritual unchains their debut demo on the masses. On Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity, the young and virile project puts forth three tracks of unmitigated, cross-demolishing war metal in the old- school style.

Just as was laid out in those christ-mocking battle plans over thirty years ago, Crucifixion Ritual bring nothing but arrogant barbarism to the war metal genre. For a duo, this band conjures an entire chaos dimension of hell noise. “Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity,” the first track which shares its name with the demo itself, is perhaps the most succinct evocation of what is on display here. Ceaseless hammer blasting drums and gut-blending apocalypse riffs are the law and compliance is mandatory. The only moment that even approaches respite is the sinister introduction to the closer “Ritual Bludgeoning,” but once the track starts in earnest, it lives up to its title by being perhaps the most torrential performance of the three.

Crucifixion Ritual promotional photo

Invictus Productions is already the barracks for some of the most crucial war metal of the modern age, namely Human Agony and Uluatum Tollunt, so Crucifixion Ritual is in capable arms. Any contemporary soldiers in the war against religious dogmatism will undoubtedly be satisfied by the unmistakable old school traditionalism. Free of modern influence or intellect, Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity is total war.

Crucifixion Ritual promotional photo


War metal has had the unfortunate fate of being turned into a bit of an internet joke by disingenuous metal fans. What is your opinion of the current state of the genre and what must be done to preserve its dignity?

What started as a movement of bestial barbarity amongst the true elite of the underground has turned into a gasmasked, cartoon goat trend. Not to mention Instagram nerds flocking to ‘war metal’, playing it with clicky kick drums, crystal clean production, & insincerity. We stand COMPLETELY against the internet ‘war metal’ trend. Crucifixion Ritual’s influenced come from a time when ‘war metal’ was an unrelenting blend of black & death extremity. No clean production, no bullshit Instagram memes, only ferocity & an undying hatred towards the Nazarene!

There is not a wasted second on this demo. What was the process like refining this down to this crystallized level of barbaric purity?

Crucifixion Ritual is the hammer of Satan striking down all Judeo-Christian filth & beliefs. There is no need for drawn out songs, setting an ‘atmosphere’, or adding on filler to fill out a tape. The only thing that matters is our sonic bludgeon, hammer blasts & Death Vomits profaning all that is holy.

Invictus Productions is one of the most consistently rewarding labels in underground metal, how do you feel about being on their roster alongside other supreme acts of modern war brutality?

Releasing a demo alongside the incomparable & unrelenting Invictus Productions is a tremendous honor. When the Crucifixion Ritual pact was etched in blood Invictus was our first choice from the get-go. Many bands who carry on the banner of true bestial metal who we greatly respect like Crurifragium, Ululatum Tollunt & Human Agony are represented by Invictus as well, which further solidified our position.

Any final curses or threats you wish to inflict on whoever may be reading this?

Death to all vermin who play crystal clean ‘war metal’ Death to the Instagram collectors & their feeble vision of the "underground". HAIL to the few elite who carry on the Black Flame of Barbarity Bludgeon the Nazarene and Desecrate all that is holy. AVE!!!!

Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity is out in full May 14th through Invictus Productions.