Premiere: Sable Gown
"Behind Veiled Dreams"

10/1/21 | J. Proust

LFdlP of Sable Gown

Emerging from the fringes of the lesser-known outskirts of the current black metal underground, and with no mean contempt for said underground, the ‘occultic’ collective calling themselves Saturnian Ring were admittedly beyond even our nearly-omniscient purview before one of the circle’s founders, a mysterious entity going by the nom de guerre Le Fils des les Pins (‘the son of the pines’), tapped us like some trickster geist with no other intention than letting us know they were out there, fouling up the corners of the far reaches.

Enter the world of Saturnian Ring, where bands like Antivaulte and Vercody are just beginning to churn out obscure tapes of raw promise at a foreboding rate, with equal parts eloquence and rashness, full of fervor and disgust. According to Le Fils des les Pins, who goes by LFdlP, “SR started as a two-person occult working group, we released our first demos publically at the beginning of this year after cajoling a few more wayward souls to join us. We plan on continuing to self-release connoisseur, mystical black metal music from various members. We have not many connections to any pre-existing 'metal scene' and intend to keep it that way! Unless the winds shift and people come to appreciate the sacredness of this music again like in the old days.”

Sable Gown logo

It’s our pleasure today to introduce the fourth band to form amidst Saturnian Ring, a new solo mission undertaken by LFdlP, called Sable Gown.

Sibylline Pareunia, the band’s forthcoming two-song demo, LFdlP writes, “is about the terror of love, the seduction of nightmares, moonlight reflected in the waters, the infinite motion between dissolving and coming together.”

Saturnian Ring sigil

For our part we think the epic, mid-paced and hypnotic opener of Sable Gown’s demo sounds like First Spell-era Gehenna stripped of their magic and left to roam the earth, shackled by unbreakable dark spells and forced to survive on little else but insects and carrion. “Behind Veiled Dreams” may have once been a good song, but it sounds as if it’s since gone to seed. Nature has overtaken its structures. Riffs sprawl corrupted with fungus, and not even its relentless march could keep the vermin from nesting within its moldy rhythms. It’s safe to say, for those of us who enjoy the dust of the ages and reveling in arcane detritus, “Behind Veiled Dreams” portends a mandatory cassette to come.

Recent initiates to the Saturnian Ring will be delighted to learn, according to LFdlP, “In fact, our founders are briefly re-convening to record more music this coming week.”

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