Feature: Hellmoon - Harrowing Domains

8/31/22 | J. Proust

Harrowing Domains is uniquely a beast of its own, existing as a darker, more focused and fleshed out release, compared to previous material and split releases I had created over the last few years,” says Plääg, sole keeper of Manitoba-based raw black metal band Hellmoon. Regarding Harrowing Domains, Hellmoon’s third album, out today, Plääg continues: “This [album] is by far my most personal and inspired Hellmoon album, and probably the release I am the proudest of, if not more so than Undying Black Glory.”

Beginning in 2020, Plääg has sustained a prolific output of splits and full-length recordings under the banner Hellmoon. Discussing the production choices that helped to shape Harrowing Domains, the Canadian solo artist explains: “This new material is a small testament to my production and recording skill, while still keeping things raw and primitive, which remains as a signature in the tones and feel for this project. A lot more went into the sound dynamics, recording process, and layering of instruments this time round, as I've grown a lot as a musician, with my techniques and capabilities. All of my heart and spirit went into this one…”

Harrowing Domains comprises five tracks of blistering, unrelenting maledictive harshness. A wild and mind-bending ride and with a bloodthirsty madman drunk off his own power at the helm.

Plääg tell us, “The initial goal for this album was to achieve a rebirth if you will, and to begin a new chapter for HELLMOON. In the early stages of this record, I knew I wanted it to be cranked up a notch on all levels, bringing in all I've learned as an artist and musician, into this new recording. I wanted this album to make a statement, visually and musically. I wanted this album to really stand out amidst everything else I recorded up until this point.

“The gap of time between the last HELLMOON release and this one yielded an unfortunate amount of hardship and darkness for me, and I poured ALL of that into Harrowing Domains. With all those emotions and energies in tow, my intentions were to create my most relentless and cohesive work to date. The creation of this album felt effortless in the moment as it was happening, as if it was meant to be written. I have never felt so strongly about a HELLMOON album up to this point. This album is a new beginning for HELLMOON, and I plan to be more active again, going forward.”

As you’re giving yourself over to the rapturous evil and delicious pain of Harrowing Domains, Plääg would ask you to keep in mind the album “is a realisation and a standpoint. A glimpse beyond a fabricated veil so to speak, becoming aware of a world marked for certain doom.

Harrowing Domains is about recognizing our failed realm in a state of collapse, consumed with hatred and greed. This album is also about hope and prosperity amidst all of the rot and disgust we experience every day, and how we cope and exist within this spiralling chaos of darkness and light. IF there is darkness and pain in your life, harness it to your advantage, any way you can. Make the best out of everything, and believe in your inner flame. Your light can always reignite… This is a very personal album to me... I hope it will resonate with you all, and speak the same message to many others. Gratitude and thanks to all who are listening and reading...”