Track Premiere: Dune Mear - “Satanic Thunder

10/14/22 | J. Proust

Next month, Washington-based ruinsdweller Dune Mear will release Crucifix Wound, their debut full-length, a follow-up to last year’s primitive and heavy Cascading Waves of Infinite Melancholy demo. Grime Stone Records will once again handle the pro-tape version of the album, and Seattle’s own house of wax Vermignosis will honor the work with a 12” vinyl release.

If “Satanic Thunder” is any kind of keyhole through which to peer, Dune Mear’s debut album promises to crush gritty, chord-driven, rural black metal with the same irate vigor that made its demo stand out like a hammer-whacked thumb last year. Now, with bestial and explosively accurate battery provided by Ebony Pendant’s SC, Crucifix Wound sounds like Dune Mear has mastered their own potential and learned some powerful chthonic magick along the way.

Absyst, the wayward soul responsible for everything else that is Dune Mear, besides the drums, but including the logo, the artwork, the riffs, and so on, tells us:

“The crucifix wound is the scar left on our rotting flesh by the putrid being cowards call their god... it is the hole in the hands of the Nazareth scum... and we come roaring down like a storm to destroy religion with hate-charged lighting and satanic thunder.”

Dunemear · Satanic Thunder

Dune Mear

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