Premiere: Czux Raboth
Selfdestruct & Coping

10/22/21 | J. Proust

Czux Raboth <i>Selfdestruct & Coping</i> art

With finger firmly on the trigger, the solo artist Czux Raboth has broken into the black metal underground with a revelrous and psychotic approach to black metal that answers a question that no one really asked but answers it with a boot in the face all the same and that question is: What kind of black metal—if he had been born 30 years later—what kind of black metal band would GG Allin have formed? The answer might land somewhere close to what we find on Czux Raboth’s horrifically intimate debut full-length, Selfdestruct & Coping.

All eight of the tracks on Selfdestruct & Coping begin with a sample, like an unedited real-life bleedthrough, of The Phoenix, the musician behind Czux Raboth, moving about in the recording space. Frequently he hocks loogies before launching into another crazed sonic manifesto, the aural equivalent of a knife attack. The result of this nauseating AMSR is the feeling of being held against your will in the torture chamber and the deranged maniac keeping you there is never far from your side. The rusty-yet-lethal riffs and the animalistic howling vocals do little to assuage this feeling of mounting terror and imminent death at the germ-ridden hands of a true nihilistic pathological killer.

Czux Raboth artist photo

Meanwhile there’s a literal piss take at the end of “Ready to Fade Out.” After which The Phoenix launches into one of the album’s strongest cuts “Black Magic & Blood Rituals,” so the piss did him well!

It’s twice as disturbing that fuck-all is known about Czux Raboth. Of course this dude operates like a serial killer and keeps his identity hidden. Who wouldn’t if they were responsible for this filth? Seriously, this feels like snuff black metal somehow. Play at your own risk.

Selfdestruct & Coping releases digitally October 25th.

Czux Raboth shirts available the same day through Death Prayer's 8Merch store.

Tapes go up October 29th at 1PM BST from Deathprayer Records.