Premiere: Fire Magic - “Swords of Blazing Dawn”

3/11/22 | J. Proust

Out April 1 on enduring stronghold Stygian Black Hand, the second album from pyrospheric duo Fire Magic comes bearing six mighty and extremely pugnacious brawlers of burning gold black metal. At once fresh and honorable, Undying Revolt holds high a sound muscular, elegant and deeply practiced. Medieval black metal at its most refined and most viscerally realized, and yet that’s but one minor component of the revelatory, almost chivalrous gauntlet punch to the face that is Undying Revolt’s recurring vibe.

Quote the band: “Undying Revolt is a sword through the hearts of the feeble. We seek neither praise nor pedantry. The concepts championed in our first release, Burning Gold are further explored in our latest offering. Where Burning Gold was the glorious charge of the vanguard, Undying Revolt carries the full might of the conquering horde. Each track expanding upon the last and expounding the virtues of battle, heroism and triumph. With raised swords and splintered shields we bequeath to you the Undying Revolt.”

Tonight we bring our loyal readers the second track from the forthcoming new album from Richmond,Virginia’s Fire Magic. This is “Swords of Blazing Dawn” from Undying Revolt.

Stygian Black Hand

Fire Magic