September MMXXI | A.W. Clovenhopf

If the end of August left you reeling and confused, September continues to disenchant, disappoint and distract. Mars opposes Neptune on the 2nd, the planetary equivalent to an irate child kicking over a sand castle. If you’re the one behind the attack, better watch your back, kid—Mars has a rough month ahead. If you’re defending your beachfront fortress, your efforts may prove futile. Neptune represents the ocean itself, and nothing can be done to stem the tide. The waves wash ashore with a relentless impartiality to all reasoned argument and reactionary anger.

On September 6th, the new moon in Libra also opposes Neptune. As such, Neptune’s fog covers the scrying glass, obscuring the path forward. We are lost within ourselves, feeding on the breadcrumbs of our own imaginations. Look to your past and redefine what you know to prepare yourself for the future. Mercury, the dispositor of this lunation, is in fair Libra. If our captromancy degenerates into narcissistic navel-gazing, we will have squandered the opportunity afforded us now.

All of these oppositions are occurring between Virgo and Pisces. Mutable sister signs, both seek to serve, but with fundamentally different qualifications on their resumes. Virgo’s clever, observant nature wants to help by realizing the potential for improvement. Pisces’ empathetic nature wants to aid through dissolution, resolute that a unified consciousness transcends the limits imposed by seemingly separate bodies. The aim of these signs is to find balance between our habits, seeking those that nourish body and soul. With Neptune, significator of illnesses, in play from its station in Pisces we are seeing dire situations emerging, confusion about how to cope and a wish to retreat to the embryonic comfort and anonymous safety of the oceanic depths.

After this miserable period of uncertainty, the Sun opposes Neptune on the 14th and the fog begins to lift. A beacon pierces the dark and swirls the mists around a new sense of dedication. We know where we need to go, but our keys are not where we normally leave them. Don’t get greedy, take information one step at a time and know your personal bottom line.

On the same day, Mars moves into Libra, the sign of his detriment. Sore losers abound, and any fights picked now contain the promise of being both petty and exhausting. As Venus has also recently moved in Scorpio, the sign of her detriment, quarrels are all knock-down-drag-out affairs. For those who are not in direct service to the affected, it may be best to just get out of the way. We are graceless and at risk of being maligned, or worse.

The full moon on the 20th sees Mercury in helpful alignment with Jupiter. If we have dedicated the earlier part of the month to educational pursuits, we are likely to see gains. The full moon is also highlighting planet Neptune. Those lost in the clouds are finding solid ground. Venus opposes Uranus, and the Sun conjoins Mars. Sides have been chosen, and those flying the Venusian banner—artists, female identifying, leisurites, etc, are left with few options. Saturn in Aquarius locks into a grounding aspect with the north node and Sun/Mars, giving us the astrological equivalent of the ol’ “grin and bear it.”

On the 22nd, the Sun feels the need to retreat from the constant wear and tear of daily life. It enters the sign of its fall, Libra. Marking the entry of the autumn season in the northern hemisphere, the nights begin to lengthen. Rather than feeling the exuberant need to be identified as individuals, we recognize the power of compromise. We now have Venus and Mars in their signs of detriment, the Sun in fall, and Mercury about to turn retrograde. Many of us have become hardened by our circumstances and burned out by the state of the world. We may not have the time or ability to seek solace from taxing circumstances, but temperance is necessary if we are to persevere.


ARIES: A new moon in your house of work? Boooor-ring. Lucky for the rest of us, no one else is up to the task like your ambitious, impertinent, and seemingly inexhaustible ass. If you’re starting to get the feeling that no one else is working on that group project… you may be correct. Before you point the finger, look at who is trampling over everyone with bossy hooves.

TAURUS: The new moon on the 6th provides an opportunity to relax and unwind. With far-seeing Uranus in your sign, it can be particularly difficult to find any chill. If anxiety/ADHD is running amok, the sign of Virgo in your creative, pleasure seeking house suggests getting busy with material crafts, gardening, or even detailing your whip.

GEMINI: Mercurial types are one of the few to stay mostly out of harm’s way this month, Gemini. Inhabiting the trickster archetype is not a technique I would typically suggest, if only for everyone’s fragile sanity, but there’s a time for everything. If both sides need to be played, be sure to remember where your heart lies before you get involved.

CANCER: Is it a focus on clear, concise communication or pedantic, denigrating bossiness? The new moon in your house of communication has you treading a subtle line between being helpful or veering into more annoying territory.

LEO: Virgo rules your house of assets and self-value. To have such a competent sign here bodes well for understanding your resources and abilities. Grass is greener wherever you water it, Leo, if you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need, you can start to make it happen step by step.

VIRGO: Being the current celestial favorite means all eyes are on you, Virgo. The unfortunate thing is, it looks like there is a certain someone else making a strong standing directly in your spotlight. Your characteristic restraint is being put to the test—remember: it’s your party and you can call foul if you want to.

LIBRA: Finding a happy middle ground between the privacy you know you need and the seemingly endless onslaught of work commitments is difficult at the beginning of this month. Get yourself clear on those boundaries (and what happens if they are transgressed!) because the end of the month continues to provoke.

SCORPIO: If you’ve been working diligently on a creative pursuit, it looks like the start of the month sees the arrival of some allies. A new addition to your project can be just the person to make it go the extra mile—hang in there while working through communicating the differences in opinion.

SAGITTARIUS: Your sign is oddly quiet at the start of the month. Perhaps with your ruler moving retrograde you’re in a more introspective mood? Or perhaps you are being provided the opportunity to give something another go. Try to take the lessons you’ve gleaned from your most recent failure into account—ask for help!

CAPRICORN: Teaching and being taught are a reciprocal process. What happens when you encounter someone who can’t relate or seems willfully disinterested? If you feel like you’re not getting through, consider easing up on the “back in my day” routine. It’s the balance of open-heartedness and bootstrapping that cuts through the fluff now, Cap.

AQUARIUS: Money comes… and it goes. With Neptune hunkered down in your house of assets being challenged by the Sun, Moon and Mars in your house of work I’m reminded of the motto used by an old friend “scared money don’t make money.” I don’t know how I really feel about such a sentiment, but you’re likely to be dwelling on its implications at the month’s start.

PISCES: The glyph for Pisces features two fishes swimming in opposite directions, tied together at the tail. Does that feel familiar? It’s difficult to make good decisions when you’re empathetic to either outcome. The challenge now is to not get your own wishes washed out with the tide.


ARIES: The moon can surprise us. There she is, staring at you in the early morning sky, rising out of place and time. Emotions can work like that, too. The moon is bloated with feelings in Pisces at the most secluded spot of your chart. Time to listen to some Mournful Congregation and indulge in a good old sob-ridden sulk.

TAURUS: Are you feeling a bit put out on the affections front? Your ruler in brooding Scorpio suggests you’re plotting something. Don’t get too carried away, Taurus, the Sun in your forthright fifth house says you’ve got nothing to lose by being open and honest now.

GEMINI: Recent changes on the home front have you wondering when career changes are going to catch up. If disorganization feels like your mortal enemy now, do what you can to improve your situation without stepping on too many toes. What begins as a solo mission has the potential to create a mutually beneficial undertaking.

CANCER: Sometimes communications can arrive in an unexpected form. When I was a kid jumping into a pile of leaves I heard a small voice saying ‘hello,’ and was shocked to see a praying mantis resting right beside my face in the yard debris. Pathologize it if you’d like, but it’s likely that you’ve got a similar story—or are about to have a similarly unexpected experience. Make some time to get into nature to ensure you’re in the right mindset for this moment.

LEO: Is it time to have “the talk” Leo? You know—the one about splitting resources or forming some sort of long term plan with a partner. If things start to feel like hostage negotiations, take a breather. No one likes an ultimatum, or being rushed into situations that require thoroughness and consideration.

VIRGO: The situation with a cherished partner might look dreamy, but leave you feeling like you’re missing an important clue. Is it the ways of love or is there something truly amiss? With the full moon so close to obscure Neptune it’s hard to say—all may not be as it seems, but a little honesty could go a long way. Other folks can pick up when you’re keeping your cards close to your chest.

LIBRA: Feelings of overwhelm have been dogging you this month, Libra. If you can, take some personal time before birthday season begins. With your ruler in deeply private Scorpio, you need to get in touch with your inner wisdom to start the new year off right.

SCORPIO: Mars moving into Libra may feel like a bit of a headwind now, but the full moon still has a few tricks for you to enjoy. Landing in your pleasurable, devil-may-care 5th house your challenge now is to know when to call it quits.

SAGITTARIUS: One of the best things about astrology is the way it can make us aware of things that wouldn’t otherwise be on our radar. If you aren’t in a learning environment, you may want to consider diving into a new hobby or practice or working your way through that book you’ve been putting off in wait for the perfect mood—your mind is ready to absorb something new.

CAPRICORN: Your values are changing, adding a depth to spiritual experiences witnessed in your very own backyard. The end of the month sees you expanding your world without leaving your neighborhood. With the moon in Pisces, a sign considered “mute” by the ancients, experiencing the inexpressible is part of the journey.

AQUARIUS: One bummer about this year is that Jupiter is mostly cruising through your sign at the same time as Saturn. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the great opportunities coming your way now all have a hefty price tag attached. If you’re not afraid of taking up more responsibility, the full moon is happy to catapult you into situations of extreme accountability with a potential payoff, like, later, or maybe never, but, whatever.

PISCES: It’s your full moon, Pisces! So why are all these people staring down their noses at you? Difficult encounters are not likely to help you much, but neither will an infantile resistance to accepting responsibility for your own actions. Have integrity and confidence in your choices – and don’t let a sense of entitlement make you think you are allowed to proceed unchallenged.