May MMXXI | A.W. Clovenhopf

Parts of the world are beginning to open up, but there remains a quality of turning inward for the month of May. On the 2nd and the 6th Mercury and Venus receive supportive aspects from retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This nod between earth signs feels like a steward passing along an old barrel key. Now if only to remember where the treasure box is stashed—nostalgia and recollection serve to help integrate where you’ve been with where you’re headed. This can be a great time to spearhead a spring cleaning routine for the physical and spiritual. From the position of the collective, there may be discussion about national skeletons in the closet or increased pressure to address a seeping, festering wound.

The new moon on the 11th has an air of temperamental dissatisfaction. Taurus can struggle to adapt, preferring to stick to “the devil one knows.” In the past year we have been asked to roll with an ever-changing flow of information, and as the moon joins the Sun in Taurus there’s a feeling of distrust and reluctance. Perhaps we simply need more time to figure out how we feel about a matter. An ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus suggests the clock is ticking, no matter how recalcitrant we may feel. Sweet Venus oversees events. She has recently moved into Gemini and questions how to keep her options open: with the moon’s next movement being towards Jupiter, we are debating glitter and gold now (perhaps Bitcoin or stocks!). Choose wisely, and don’t let a desire for pleasure outweigh the necessity of honesty.

Jupiter moving into Pisces on the 13th is like a visit to the beach house for our largest planet. Jupiter is at home here and happy to dish out the good tidings. Depending on where this sign falls in your chart, you can find yourself feeling an extra boost of luck, confidence or goodwill towards your fellow rascal right now. During an otherwise unstable time, this transit proffers grace. If you are one to be overconfident, you may want to examine your motives and resources to ensure you aren’t committing to projects you have no ability or intent to complete. One of the best ways astrology can help is by simply reminding us to be prepared. Jupiter can’t do the heavy lifting for you, but if you are looking to make a change, this can be a great time to take steps towards your goal.

On May 23rd, Saturn stations retrograde at 13°31’ Aquarius. Technological, humanitarian and infrastructure projects may need revisions to make them more suitable. Slowdowns are in the name of long-term success. Being mindful and open to compromise will ease the process. On the 26th we have a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the guiding planet of the eclipsed moon. We find him newly in Pisces, where we may sense fresh opportunities. As Mercury slows down at the end of the month we may find those new opportunities are going to take some time to sift through, while the needs of the moment continue to dominate our attention.

On the 29th, Venus conjoins Mercury, providing the opportunity to smooth over ruffled feathers with sweet sounds. Sincerity counts, however, Mercury is about to station retrograde, offering to spoon feed us any misused words over the next three weeks. The end of the month provides a little clarity, despite a potential lack of progress. The Sun aligns with the North Node—a point suggesting future plans and karmic intention. Maybe some changes can be taken in stride after all.


ARIES: The new moon in your house of assets on the 11th points towards building stronger material security. With your ruler moving through a deeply personal area of your chart, it looks like issues of security and safety not only have to do with your pocketbook, but perhaps some issues of shame or worthiness. An old family notion of “gittin’ above your raisin’” may need to be addressed and sorted out.

TAURUS: It’s a bit of an astrological trope that Taurus is the sign most likely to engage in self-care rituals. Could that be because you are likely to need outlets that properly address your need for calm, reflective time? If you don’t have such a moment in your day, tack it on to another ritual you’re already participating in—such as making the bed, then taking an additional 5 minutes for deep breaths before you start your day. The new moon on the 11th is a great time to give it a whirl.

GEMINI: It’s a principled chaos that you’re engaging in now, Gemini. You may not be able to see where you’re going, but you’re feeling ready to dive in. The concept of being an amateur is usually suggested as a cynical synonym for ineptitude, but current astrology suggests you’re rediscovering the root of the word, amare, to love. A little bit of courage to allow yourself to be awful at something might be just what you need now.

CANCER: It can be tough to trust the material world when the past year has been so tumultuous. If illusions about security have been shattered, the late Spring season sees you recovering a little joie de vivre. The new moon occurs in your house of friends and future plans. Perhaps an unexpected alliance may be beneficial for regaining lost morale and some necessary assets.

LEO: It feels like everyone has had new career roles and responsibilities over the past year, but the new moon on the 11th has a swinging cat door with your name on it. Maybe you’re returning to the workplace, or finding that what you’ve done to get by the last year just isn’t necessary any more. A changing dream may mean you need to give up some situations that have become quite comfortable. Hop on through to the other side, and clean up your litter as you go, kitty cat!

VIRGO: The emphasis mid-month on fellow earth sign Taurus is a friendly reminder that even the most practical of us has more to learn when it comes to the material world. Your goals around spiritual or philosophical learnings are echoed back to you by nature. Making time to learn what plants growing along your walk to work (and if they are edible), or trying out a new herbal remedy for an old ailment would be great uses of this astrology.

LIBRA: Sometimes we have to make choices by doing the best we can with what we’ve got. Residual shame or confusion we aren’t able to address in the moment just digs deeper in the psyche. When we’re psychologically able to address whatever demons lie within, astrology presents us with timing events to help echo those situations and discover resolution. The new moon on the 11th is such a time for you – if your “aha!” moment causes discomfort now, hang in there, because it looks like positive opportunities for more freedom of movement await.

SCORPIO: Partnerships take a lot of work. You’ve got commitment and longevity on the mind now. If you’re in a situation where it seems like someone isn’t playing for keeps or willing to match your intensity, the new moon on the 11th may present you with a choice. The key is balance - an avoidant fear of committing to something that may be painful is just as bad as forcing someone’s hand when they need more time to sort through the realities of a serious relationship.

SAGITTARIUS: Challenging situations at work may be affecting you on a subliminal level. Consider ending the day with some peaceful moments to clear your psyche before sleep. Enjoying a cup of tea without a screen in front of you could be a great place to begin. There is a huge potential for creativity now, but the pent up energy could turn into restlessness and nightmares if you don’t find an outlet for it.

CAPRICORN: You are used to making sense of difficult circumstances. Your ability to organize may not have you fully prepared for the potential opening for you with the Taurus new moon. The necessity now is for some sort of soul-soothing, cackle-inducing fun. Demand it with the same intensity with which you would insist staying up late to meet a deadline.

AQUARIUS: Issues of home, family and deep-seated psychological issues are highlighted mid-month. For someone who works so hard to remain objective, allow yourself some partiality now. Perhaps you have a tendency to always concede something to a particularly sloppy roommate, or allow yourself to be controlled by a family member as a grown adult. The new moon on the 11th asks you to assert some clear boundaries. You may be surprised what springs up through the floorboards when you allow yourself some freedom within your own four walls.

PISCES: If you feel an urgent desire to relay a message, examine its contents. Your ruler in the house of self-undoing suggests you may be in the grip of something wholly unhelpful now. The new moon on the 11th tasks you with discovering what it is you’d truly like to express.


ARIES: The immediate necessity of gathering all the facts is prioritized over sticking with whatever you prefer based on convenience or habit now. This can sting a little bit, particularly if you feel like you deserve more than you’ve been receiving lately. Avoid belligerent reactions at the end of the month; the eclipse on the 26th may bring some shifts that make everyone feel uneasy.

TAURUS: The eclipse at the end of the month reminds me of the importance of keeping things simple. Think of the difference between a rolling stone—proverbially not gathering moss—and a snowball building in size and speed. Minimize where you are able and wait for those doors to open.

GEMINI: Birthday season can be an emotional time. We can sometimes feel a sense of not having lived up to our potential when we see another year come around the bend. If you’re getting those sensations this year, cut yourself some slack. You’re in the middle of some seismic shifts, which can make it feel like life is going off-track.

CANCER: There may be some things you need to acknowledge and release at the end of the month. This can take the shape of a habit, possession, or in some instances, a person or job. Allowing the proper space and time to grieve, even if it’s for something seemingly insignificant, is an important part of the process now.

LEO: You know those people who take a vacation and decide to move to the place they’d visited on a whim? That’s kind of what the astrology is like for you just now. Maybe you didn’t think about the consequences, or just felt really attached to a small part of a large plan. Make sure you don’t get buyer’s remorse about any huge life changes right now by charting out the pros and cons. If you can, ask a friend with a strong Saturn in their chart to play devil’s advocate for you.

VIRGO: A situation in your home life may feel like a black hole. If you can pinpoint the cause, address it! The end of the month is a promising time for beginning to resolve ongoing difficulties. The most challenging part is being honest about what’s your responsibility and setting proper boundaries from there.

LIBRA: The end of the month suggests you’re facing down a decision. Erm, maybe that’s not very helpful to hear. Maybe I should mention that the opposite side of the astrology points towards an important facet of informing yourself for said decision: to listen. With the moon conjunct the south node in your house of communications, getting input is emphasized over releasing output.

SCORPIO: Pride is a sticky wicket. It’s important to value yourself, your time, and your abilities. However, current astrology suggests some modesty suits you now. If you feel like life is trying to knock you down a few pegs, try a more cautious approach. Even though there is humility required in asking for help, you can feel proud that you’ve judged your limits well enough to request assistance.

SAGITTARIUS: In the middle of my young adult years I became aware my laugh was changing. What was once a witchy crow was turning into a heartier guffaw. I felt as though I had abandoned myself, and would try to force my old laugh, only to feel weird and fake. It looks like a similar situation is coming up for you now—it can be uncomfortable to witness yourself growing in unpredictable ways, but dishonest to pretend otherwise.

CAPRICORN: At the end of the month, astrology emphasizes embracing new daily habits and routines. If you’ve been juggling a ton of projects, you may need to relinquish control of some aspects of each in order to stay sane. It looks like this also means getting more organized with your team and your day so you’re able to stay on top of things rather than be absorbed by them.

AQUARIUS: I can hear you protesting now, “but things were going so well!” Perhaps you are just trying to do too much? You may be required to make some difficult decisions about what you can honestly handle. To choose appropriately, looks towards your own curiosity. What keeps you asking questions? That’s where your energy needs to be allocated.

PISCES: Hard work out and about in the world is beginning to pay off sweetly on the home front. Perhaps you are able to feather your nest a bit more to your liking these days. The only catch is that you need to make time to enjoy it. Jupiter newly in your sign encourages honest enjoyment of this moment. Save some PTO for a rainy day, but do what you can to soak up the currently very pleasant vibes.