May MMXX | A.W. Clovenhopf

In May of 2020, Venus provides us an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with how we learn, communicate, and observe. Our planet of love will be retrograding through Gemini, providing the opportunity to learn what we don’t already know. Curiosity and connection are highlighted. While Venus is concentrated on finding her way gracefully through the sign of Gemini, Mercury also enters Gemini on May 11th. Additionally, Gemini will be hosting the north node of the moon starting on May 6th, a transit which runs through the year 2022.

Life is like a puzzle when we see through the eyes of the twins. We approach things with an open mind, excited to learn, but not necessarily to form an opinion. Under these skies, thought is play, and Gemini loves to share insights and stories.  A certain amount of entertaining banter is balm for the soul. Gemini is sometimes associated with the third house in astrology – that of short trips, siblings, and neighbors. This current planetary lineup suggests the importance of a local economy in May. We may be making fewer trips due to restricted movement, but will certainly be savoring what we glean from each venture out-of-doors. Listless feelings can be helped by keeping hands and feet on the go.

On May 13th, the day Venus goes retrograde, Mars will move out of Aquarius and enter Pisces. Having Mars moving forward, and out of the same sign as Saturn, bodes well for a lightening up of the feeling of heaviness many of us have been experiencing. Venus retrograde also suggests we may be in the process of rediscovering a partnership. If we’ve been trapped in a home with someone for the past few weeks, hopefully we have found the opportunity to rediscover love. If not, this transit represents a time to escape a situation we’ve outgrown.

This Venus retrograde cycle is an echo of one from May-June of 2012. Think back about what you were dealing with at that time to get an idea of what awaits your attention and revisions during this cycle. For those who are happily coupled, or even working closely with others in social situations, what does intimacy look like as we are forced to stand six feet apart? This transit examines our current social structure and challenges us to find new meaning and ways of connecting for a new era.

Such an emphasis on Gemini suggests that May will be an intense time for learning. With many parents facing the possibility of homeschooling their children through the next year, universities coping with online classes, and older adults attempting to GrubHub, we will be seeing the need for innovation around how we pass information around. The astrology encourages reinvention of old techniques and a rekindling of the joy inherent in discovering a new skill. Gemini can sometimes be referred to as the sign of the heretic. Rather than accept things as they are, there is a need to question assumptions. Gemini’s opposing sign, Sagittarius, can be understood to represent organized religion and the law. Both signs seek to accumulate and distribute knowledge, but have different ways of approaching the task. The nodal axis moving from the opposing signs of Cancer and Capricorn into the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius represents a position on the zodiac where we will be experiencing the energy of the year’s upcoming eclipses. This suggests that the Gemini issues of broadcasting unfiltered knowledge will be repeatedly coming up against issues of authoritative or dogmatic degrees about the truth. It also suggests the ongoing struggle with “facebook facts” and other forms of shared media that are not always scrupulous about ensuring accuracy.

With the North node moving through Gemini, astrology is emphasizing approaching what you hear and read with the mind of the heretic – not all will be true, and perhaps some decrees will be outright deception. The importance of independent journalism and validity of critical thinking cannot be underestimated at this time. Also, with the south node moving into Sagittarius, it is important to maintain hope and optimism that some systems of belief are worth adherence, even if they need a few critical updates.

The full moon on May 7th emphasizes the conversation around hoarding material comforts and transforming society so as to enable provisions for all. The Sun in Taurus wants to maintain, simplify, and maybe even see a return to the way things used to be. The moon in Scorpio is pushing for a redistribution of assets. A helpful connection from Neptune in Pisces suggests there is plenty to go around if only we are willing to let go.

The north node teaming up with Mars suggests that there is motivation for integrating more equitable economic systems and electronically oriented models of communication and interaction. This may also be the transit that launches a thousand home bakers, newly discovered home carpentry experts and garden lovers. In many cases, these positive developments seem to be borne of necessity  as Venus’ interactions with Neptune at this time may leave many feeling financially short changed – perhaps the stimulus package will not be nearly as stimulating as those on the ground are hoping. Mars is separating from a pleasant connection to Venus, showing that we have been soothed, placated, and must now rediscover our motivation to continue to fight the good fight. The new moon on May 22nd has Mercury in Gemini instigating Neptune in Pisces. New moons are the darkest times of the month, when the night sky regenerates itself and brings forth a sliver of light from the moon. Neptune, the planet of glamour, transcendence and, on occasion, deception and obfuscation, has been calling the shots from its home in Pisces. Mercury is also a multifaceted symbol – known for communication, but it also able to represent thievery and double-talking. There is a cosmic wink and nudge in the dark from both of these planets. We may not know what types of transactions are happening behind closed doors at this time, but trust your instincts if something smells fishy. Additionally, for those who are struggling with their mental health during quarantine, please do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help during this time. This transit can trigger feelings of reality slipping away, which may further stress those prone to anxious thinking. This time is best for getting lost in creative projects, particularly those that involve words or movement such as poetry or dance.

Mercury in Gemini can be thought of as a skillful lawyer – this slick-talking arrangement can convince you of anything, and even gloss over contradictory details in a way that makes your head spin. Be careful with how you are using your words at this time, and be mindful of the necessity to be clear in your communication.

Astrology does not serve us best when used to bolster predictions – they are usually tainted by the astrologer’s own biases or fears. However, when we use it retrospectively, we can gain better understanding of a situation and further contextualize our responses and opportunities. In January, we witnessed Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr selling stock on the eve of the pandemic while simultaneously communicating to the American public that there was not much to worry about. Mercury was in its shadow phase, about to go retrograde. Venus was moving towards a union with Neptune, and Saturn and Pluto had just joined in the sky. As Mercury moved forward again in early March, the story broke to the American public.

When we see the interactions between Venus and Neptune in early May right before Venus goes retrograde, I would recommend going over any financial dealings with a fine-toothed comb. Unfortunately, chicanery may be afoot. It is my hope at this time the people won’t be left in the dark while our leaders abuse their connections to their own selfish gain (but haha who am I kidding?!). I’ll keep my eyes on the headlines in late July for updates to that situation.

Horoscopic Perspective May 1-15

ARIES: Your resources aren’t only economic. What has the past month taught you about the value of your friendships, confidence, and skills? It’s time to reconsider your value system, and prioritize one that sees your true worth, not just the number at the end of your ATM receipt.

TAURUS: Uranus moving through your sign is promising that times are innovative, exciting, eclectic, and… unstable. Ultimately, you’re becoming more you, which is great, but unsettling for those relationships and situations that liked you just the way you were. The full moon on the 7th will likely highlight these discrepancies – don’t be afraid to show your true colors, even if you wouldn’t have dared to wear them proudly just a few months ago.

GEMINI: Time to tie up all the loose ends and get ready for exciting new developments. Though your season doesn’t kick off until a little later in the month, it’s a great time to prepare for what you want the year ahead to represent. You’ve spent a lot of time honing your social persona, but what happens when the majority of our communications happen online? Flap those wings, little cyber social butterfly, we’ll see you next month when you’re out of that cocoon.

CANCER: After so much emphasis on what you can provide to other people, you may be looking for a little retreat in the Spring. Make time for creativity, and perhaps announcing your intention to a trusted circle of friends will help keep you on track with your goals. With the north node leaving your sign, chances are you’ve got a well of ideas stored up, and now is the time to get crackin’!

LEO: Work, or your public identity, has been pilfering your time away from home and family issues. With Saturn moving into your relationship house, a significant other may be giving you the cold shoulder to help you get your priorities straight. Balance may be hard to come by, but a little honesty goes a long way towards forging stronger bonds.

VIRGO: Your ruler, Mercury is making intriguing connections with Neptune during the full moon. No one would discredit your lively, critical mind, but a primary partnership may have something new to show you about how you process information. These lessons may come through moments of quiet respite – keep your mind and heart open to them.

LIBRA: Your ruler, Venus, is doing backstrokes through Gemini. You can be nostalgic for old flames, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking what’s behind you is better than what’s to come. If you do go back for another peek, keep your wits about you, and value yourself enough to move on if it’s not working out.

SCORPIO: It’s difficult to focus on yourself when the ones you love are going through times of change and upheaval. If those around you are stubbornly clinging to circumstances they have outgrown, it may be up to you to show them how to shed their skin. Sometimes a positive example goes a long way.

SAGITTARIUS: Watch out for the frazzles this week, Archer. Information overload, not being able to concentrate, and struggling with decisions are all signs that you’re in need of a break. Reset your focus by taking care of business day by day – list making will likely help, particularly if there’s an area in your work life that is starting to feel like a leaky faucet.

CAPRICORN: Your creative work with friends may be turning into something more than a hobby. It’s not like you’re interested in another side hustle, but your organizing prowess helps the pieces fall into place. Don’t let your love of structure impede the creative process, though – some things are best left to grow wild.

AQUARIUS: We’re just starting to comprehend the bottomless imagination you’ve got to share with the world. Keeping a journal or otherwise starting to organize your inspiration would be really helpful at this time. Once Saturn leaves your sign again in the summer, you can go back to the drawing board and hone in on all those exciting insights.

PISCES: You tend to be fairly sensitive. If you feel like someone is hurt about something you may have said or done, this is a great time to clear the air. This is also a great time to check in with friends who you haven’t communicated with in a while – they’ll appreciate hearing from you and stories about what’s happening in their neck of the woods will satisfy your travel bug.

Horoscopic Perspective May 15-31

ARIES – You aren’t one to mince words, but it looks like the end of this month could find you with your foot in your mouth. With your ruler traveling through your house of self-undoing, and Venus and Mercury meeting in your communication zone, watch that yap. Don’t be too proud to say you’re sorry, little lamb.

TAURUS – You’re doing the best you can with what you got, Bull. With Venus digging up the dirt in Gemini you may be busy rediscovering the value of your green thumb or getting some much needed time to focus on enhancing your self-care routine. Whatever form this takes, it looks like a frugal, DIY approach really suits you.

GEMINI – I had a pottery professor in college who always used this metaphor of two students. One sat around thinking and drafting what the best vessel would be. The other just got to work throwing as many pots as she could. The one who made the most pots stumbled into more innovative and successful creations. Mars interacting with your public persona suggests your adaptability is on overdrive, or, in other words, it’s time to get to that wheel and start turning.

CANCER – It’s okay to not feel crazy productive right now. You’ve got a lot happening behind the scenes, and to make yourself compete may not be particularly wise. The focus for you is on self-knowledge. With Venus moving backwards through your house of closure, you may be facing some difficult choices about who and what sticks with you for this next phase of life. Take your time, and try to not make edits due to fear-based decisions.

LEO – You have been raging full speed ahead to ensure your future security. It’s important to remember that nothing is guaranteed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan, but if you’re coercing others into commitment out of fear of going it alone, you’ve got it wrong. If you are in a position where you share financial resources with a partner, use your strong sense of integrity to make the right decision.

VIRGO – Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! If love is driving you crazy, consider the difference between helping someone succeed because you love them and want to be supportive, and helping them because you’re projecting your own painfully high expectations. A smarty like you should be able figure out the difference sooner rather than later.

LIBRA – Your diplomacy is coming in handy when dealing with kinks in your social networks. Not everyone has your facility for charm, so it could be attracting quite a bit of attention to you over the next month. Mars moving through your work zone suggests you’re in the mood to make progress on a long standing project – go get ‘em!

SCORPIO - A frank discussion with an intimate partner may reveal you’ve found someone you can count on. Mars traipsing through your house of joy offers opportunities to make pleasure an imperative. Even if you’re on your own, commitment to a pet project or hobby can create a sense of fulfillment and excitation.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s an important time to examine the relationship you hold with information. Do you often take things at face value? You may struggle to differentiate fact from opinion now, but it’s more crucial than ever to work harder to examine these notions. You may wish to start with beliefs passed down to you from your parents – give these a critical vetting and only move forward with what sticks to the person you’d like to become.

CAPRICORN – You may have been called on to provide a little more trust to your working environment than you would have preferred. You authoritative nature allows you to speak up about circumstances that are unfair. It may be difficult to find the time to initiate the conversation, but others without your strategic insight and connections may be counting on you to say something.

AQUARIUS – With Saturn moving into your sign, you’re finally feeling the ability to tackle the projects you hadn’t been able to commit to before. This will not be a quick and easy process, and it looks like you’re just getting your feet wet now. Put the habits in place to make it a daily thing, and by this time next year you’ll be pleased at how far you’ve come.

PISCES – You may struggle to relate to the ambitious, assertive energy that Mars is bringing to your sign right now. Irritability and moody outbursts mean you need to find better outlets for all that Martial juice! Home based projects, such as small renovations, or even just spending some time each day rearranging your desk and work space may help tremendously.