March MMXXI | A.W. Clovenhopf

We start the month with Mercury loosely conjoined with Jupiter, suggesting we’re able to catch up with lost time and dropped projects that were sidelined during Mercury’s retrograde. Our communication skills get a bit of boost, and it’s best to apply our zeal to observation and gather knowledge without judgement. This can be a great time for organizing information and holding opposing viewpoints on a matter.

Adding to the can-do attitude, Mars moves into Gemini on the 5th. It’s time to use your mind. Critical thinking skills are boosted, but so are busy-body tendencies. It can be easy to say or do too much when Mars is in the double-bodied sign of the Twins. Time and attention go to the highest bidder. I would advise being mindful and intent on setting daily checklists to make sure you’re staying on track with goals, or un-goals, such as time spent avoiding a screen for at least a few hours each day. Investigation is valued over authority now so it’s best to withhold judgement, at least until you’re able to participate in a dialogue about your observations, or spend lots of time playing devil’s advocate with your ideas.

The new moon on the 13th is at 23 degrees Pisces. It’s conjunction with Neptune, and semi-squares to heavies Saturn and Uranus suggest a touch-and-go approach is best now. People will be sensitive and feeling more than usual. Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th and we begin to discover the whole picture contains those equal and opposite truths we had observed earlier.

Around the same time, Venus makes a conjunction with ethereal Neptune. Our charm and attraction functions expand to include the whole world. For sensitive people, this can be an overwhelming time. Neptune can be considered the higher octave of Venus, the love function intensified. Love on a regular day is complicated, and enough to make us weak in the knees. Add a tendency towards day-dreaming and you’re on track for a bit of a mess. Additionally, we may find ourselves headlong into our escapist tendencies, or reading headlines glamorizing policing or armed services. The Neptunian desire to be in service to a larger mission appeals to many who are lost in a fog, and the strange angles between Saturn and Uranus imply state pressure and an idealized notion of freedom and stability.

Pisces as a sign represents the wholeness of being, our cosmic one-ness. Mercury wants to take names, get in line, and make a spreadsheet. There’s an inherent discord between planet and sign, which led ancient astrologers to refer to this position as Mercury’s detriment. It’s like going from the nicely alphabetized record collection of your living room to the crate-digging bazaar of a flea market in Mexico City. Spending too much time fixated on whatever you perceive as most important may prevent your instincts from leading you towards that hidden gem. Take time to get grounded and sort through emotions that may come up at this time.

The Aries ingress on March 20 marks the start of the new astrological year. The Sun returns to Aries, the sign of its exaltation. Looking at this chart can offer us some clues for the upcoming season. Moon represents the human populace. Our dear moon is being stalked by Mars, and making an awkward angle to Pluto in Capricorn. There is an earnest effort to figure out what our options are for the Spring, but it is at risk of being spoiled by boredom and instability. We can find a way forward if we are able to recognize “the new normal” is still being negotiated.

Longer-term changes are happening, but there needs to be more dialogue about what is required. The angles between Saturn and Chiron suggest a source of patience, even for those of us who feel like our resources are tapped. Mars is very busy in this chart, not only moving towards the moon but also squaring up with Mercury and buddying up to Saturn. Mars’ position suggests not only that folks are still quarantining, but that issues of domestic terrorism will continue to be a topic into the year ahead. The ‘one step forward, two steps back’ feeling of the winter months finally shows signs of abating in both personal and larger scale projects. Mars also represents all things sharp, pointy, and surgical. The Aries ingress chart shows Covid-19 vaccination efforts expanding and continuing at a measured pace but still hindered by technical difficulties.

The full moon on the 28th opposes a very wounded Venus. This lunation has the feeling of something being dragged out into the sunlight—perhaps some old conquest that we thought had best be forgotten. Maybe it is time for a sincere apology, recognition, or a plea for some much-needed privacy. The easy flowing energy between Mars, Saturn, and the Moon suggests that we may be facing something very entrenched, perhaps even a family history of acting in similarly unhelpful ways. If we can use the grace of this moment to recognize the pattern, we may find a new way of doing things will be easier than we think.


ARIES: You’re beginning to put a painful chapter of your personal history behind you. With your ruler moving through the third house of your chart, you are regaining some mobility and motivation. You aren’t quite out of the woods yet, however. The new moon is happening in your house of closure, simultaneously giving you a break from trying circumstances as well as a vision of what’s possible with your slowly recuperating energy.

TAURUS: Your rulers’ movements towards Neptune and the new moon suggest that you’re pining for something. I’d suppose if there was an astrological correlate for “manifestation” this is the time, Taurus. Think calmly and clearly about what you’d like to see happening in the next few weeks, months, years – you are uniquely positioned for the universe to hear your plea.

GEMINI: Curiosity killed the cat? Felines have nine lives you know. With Mars traveling through your house of self you’re off to a fresh start and seeing your instincts in a new light. Your career corresponds with new opportunities, or perhaps a mission that expands your world to something a little larger than it was before. Follow your nose, even if you’re intimidated by the idea of how the next steps are likely to alter your circumstances.

CANCER: In my personal practice, there have been a lot of clients who have made a commitment to a sober lifestyle or break from alcohol/drug use during a Venus/Neptune time. With your ruler conjoining Venus and Neptune now, I wonder if you’re choosing to make a change in your habits. For many people, it’s not outwardly about the habit, but more about what you are avoiding by participating in a ritual that may be thoughtless. Though it may feel isolating, a new depth of understanding awaits you on this journey.

LEO: Financial entanglements with a partner can quickly go sour without clear and honest expectations. It looks like you’re considering some big moves, and perhaps need the resources or commitment of someone else to make it happen. Get clear and focused, with Saturn and Jupiter in your house of marriage it looks like the perfect time to make a long-lasting beneficial agreement.

VIRGO: If you want a closer relationship with someone, it’s of course important to get to know yourself. But sometimes we can take this a little too far. If you’re constantly talking down to yourself, or feeling not good enough, it’s going to be hard to avoid taking those feelings out on your partner as well. You’ve got a need for boundaries now, Virgo. Have a little faith that closing the box on your anxieties will do everyone some good.

LIBRA: You seem to be dissolving yourself into an absorbing and exciting work development or new fitness routine at the start of the month. If it makes you want to talk about what soup you’re making on the internet, maybe take a step back for a little bit, or at least find an isolated and appropriate group chat for your fitspo content. The changes seem great for you; it’s just that they may come with a tendency to be heavy handed on the proselytizing.

SCORPIO: Maybe you’ve had the experience where you’re feeling stuck on a project, so you take a break to clean off your desk. After getting organized and emptying out the clutter, you have a breakthrough or find something that leads you off on a very helpful tangent. The stars are aligning to give you a similar experience now. When’s the last time you cleaned out the fridge? See what opens up when you give yourself a night to work on a house project at the start of the month.

SAGITTARIUS: Are you on a little bit of a homebody streak, Sag? There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from the world for a little while, in fact it looks like there are many more interesting discoveries to be had between your two ears than anywhere else at the moment. Getting cozy and grounded is a necessary experience right now. If you just cannot be contained, at least allow a little time to relax and reflect.

CAPRICORN: The stars suggest there’s a need for a dialogue that expresses compassionate, sincere communication. You’ve been going through so many changes over the past two years, it may be time to say thanks to folks who have supported you, even if they’ve been trapped in the same house with you, irritating you, eating the last of the peanut butter, and maybe even using your toothbrush sometimes. It’s not a time to take your loves for granted, Cap.

AQUARIUS: You’re opening a new life lesson on the importance of self-worth now, Aquarius. For a humanitarian like you, it can be hard to accept that some things of value are for you and you alone. There’s nothing wrong with an impulse towards minimalism, but remembering to plan for your future and make sure you’re providing for yourself are big topics at the moment.

PISCES: The whole world dons your rose colored glasses for a few days around the new moon, Pisces. Dreamy! Meanwhile, your ruler is behind the scenes, calling the shots from your house of closure and isolation. There is a feeling of acceptance, but also uniqueness now. Enjoy your weird birthday trip and all the self-discovery in tow.


ARIES: The need to constantly monitor your emotions has been strenuous lately, and you deserve a real pat on the back if you’ve managed to keep it together. The end of this month promises some time where others begin to appreciate your more outspoken qualities, perhaps leading to a moment of freedom where you can take a breath and express yourself without worry of judgement.

TAURUS: Your sister Venusian sign, Libra, hosts the full moon at the end of the month. You may find that projects or expressions take on a more profitable turn or hobbies wind their way into passive income. A harmonious aspect between air signs suggests that any new winds blowing on your material life now are worth following.

GEMINI: You may find yourself wrestling with the concept of creativity at the end of the month, as with Mars moving through your sign you’ve got the ambition to get moving, but the Moon in a pleasant angle to Saturn suggests that this momentum may have been initiated a long time ago. Are you practicing because you’re inspired or inspired because you’re practicing? Whether you’re a chicken or an egg, the muse is with you, Gemini!

CANCER: A lovey-dovey full moon lands in your house of creature comforts. The end of the month looks like it’s ripe for cozy times. Even if things are stressful and fast paced in the outside world, this is a call to be nice to yourself and ease out of constant connectivity for at least a few hours. With Mars on the go in your house of privacy, perhaps there is someone you’d like to invite to retreat with you?

LEO: It looks like making moves on long-term plans has you in a place where you’re feeling satisfied and rewarded by your decisions. Are there others that would benefit from your insight? With the full moon in your communication sector it may be a great time to share some of your wisdom. It’s a beneficial time to look for new networks and contacts.

VIRGO: The full moon occurs in your house of resources, but makes contacts with well-placed planets in your house of chores and career. If there isn’t some type of assistive technology making your day-to-day a little easier, perhaps it’s time to roll up your sleeves and figure something out. The energy is there for improving your situation if you’re willing to put it to use!

LIBRA: Have you ever wondered why the abbreviation for pounds is LB? It refers to the first and third letters of the word, Libra! Cool. Anyways, the full moon happens in your first house, which means a similar discovery has been hiding in plain sight. This one has more to do with sources of pleasure, and revisiting the ideologies you subscribe to that have obstructed or prevented the full embrace of those sources.

SCORPIO: The end of the month can find you struggling against a feeling that you’re stuck on autopilot. If you find yourself making the same mistakes or dredging up the same arguments it may be time to get some proper seclusion and sort things out. It often seems that at times like these the world somehow becomes even more demanding—don’t give in Scorpio! This is a time to get your work done quickly, clock out, and take care of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: If you are getting cold feet about a potential commitment, it makes sense astrologically. Mars in your house of marriage has just moved across the north node – a position of potential. Finding the balance between getting free because you’re afraid and navigating the appropriate amount of movement in your responsibilities or commitments is the challenge now.

CAPRICORN: A highlight of work well done leads to an improved feeling of confidence or increased resources. If the kudos aren’t being handed to you, don’t be shy about claiming your prize at the end of the month. Everyone’s got their mind running overtime at the moment, and speaking up about recent accomplishments may get you the recognition you deserve.

AQUARIUS: The full moon at the end of the month highlights your belief systems, and how those relate to your goals around higher education and your own creativity. A confluence of great opportunities and daunting impediments hinge on your own conviction that you’re worth the gamble. If you know yourself, you’ll be well on your way towards your goals. If you aren’t sure yet, check what you’ve got to lose before you bet it all!

PISCES: There may be some war-like situations happening on the home front these days. With Mars crusading through your fourth house and making angles to secluded areas of the chart, keeping your cards to your chest may be best. As Sun-Tzu says, let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night. Not to say that you should be dishonest, but keep your poker face on until you get a better read of your opponent.