June MMXX | A.W. Clovenhopf

The Jupiter Pluto conjunction is just one piece of the puzzle for the astrology of June. Corresponding with Jupiter’s dark descent, Venus is also making a trip to the underworld. During Venus’ retrograde phase, the dazzling planet switches from being visible in the evening sky to disappearing for a few days, as she resides behind the earth, then initiates her morning star phase.

This 40 day wandering represents a time of reconsideration. Any planet moving retrograde allows us to revisit our decisions. In the instance of Venus, we have the chance to approach our partners, finances and creations with consciousness. We have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We also have the option to distance ourselves from our partners; either choice may be appropriate depending on your personal circumstances. Examine your own motivations in relationship and creativity before moving forward with any dramatic strategies.

On June 3rd whatever we’ve been mulling over during this retrograde phase is now becoming burned down to the essence as Venus reaches the heart of the Sun. Ancient Egyptians and Celts had separate names for both the morning and evening apparition of Venus, as if these were two separate stars. Similarly, the sign of Gemini contains twin stars, Castor and Pollux. Both twins were sons of Leda, but Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, the King of Sparta, and Pollux the immortal son of Zeus. The twins were known for being kind to sailors in need by providing necessary winds. Our suffocating, polluted, virus laden world seems an appropriate place to ask for the sweet breezes brought by the twins.

Venus, a single star presenting as two different personalities, moving through Gemini, the twins, asks us to examine the relationship between our diurnal and nocturnal self. The twins refuse to leave the other behind in death so they alternate and share their immortality. Would an alternating focus on creative projects help you relax strict guidelines you’ve set for achievement? Will broadening your scope enhance your motivation by introducing you to new inspiration? How can you commit to a relationship and still carve out the imaginative space necessary to the soul? The shining evening star that entrances us with beauty and the surprising morning star that stirs our hearts to rebellion are one in the same. Astrology begs the questions – only lived experience will allow the answers.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, carries the caduceus—a staff with two intertwined serpents, incorrectly associated in modern times with medicine, but in ancient times with commerce, eloquence, and alchemy. Mercury’s retrograde period in February coincided with the world’s severely bungled response to the coronavirus. Uncertainty abounded around the Mercury themes of research, communication to the public, transmission, and finances. As Mercury joins the retrograde parade on June 18th we may again be questioning the truth and value of what we hear. Critical thinking is always encouraged, but these are particularly important times to ask yourself what someone could have to gain from making a particular statement, or where you could go for further information.

Mercury’s association with medicine is due to the US Military’s adoption of the caduceus to classify Merchant ships as noncombatant. Though these ships carried enlisted men, they were noncombatant and worked as neutral medical professionals. The similarity between the rod of Asclepius, an ancient healer, and the caduceus of Hermes led to the mix up with the American public. Later, the caduceus was adopted as a medical symbol. As the caduceus was flown on the flag of the neutral ships, it’s interesting to note that the twins were still leading folks to safe harbor. Additionally, the switching of the two symbols in the modern era correlates to switching the art of healing with the commercial transaction of the large for-profit hospital.

In the body, Gemini is the sign of the hands and the lungs. Spend time on activities involving dexterity or gestures. In a relationship, this can mean showing you care through loving touch. Taking daily time for breathing exercises, ideally out of doors, is encouraged. Additionally, with so many planets moving retrograde during June, take social impasses with a grain of salt. If folks seem particularly cold or insensitive, remember that everyone is dealing with the increased need for solitude and cogitation in their own way. The "Twin Cities" of Minneapolis/St. Paul area uniting under the slogan "I can't breathe" demonstrates the Mercurial power of the time. With Jupiter and Pluto both involved, the issues will be many. Engage with what you can and think deeply about what it means to affect positive change.

Mars will be meeting up with the moon and Neptune on June 13th. Mars took an aggressive stance against Neptune in late January 2020 as he objected from Sagittarius. This coincided with the growing awareness of coronavirus, and need to focus on the facts and solutions in a time of collective fear. It is my hope that Neptune, the planet of contagion, hosting a meeting with Mars shows strong defensive maneuvers from our planetary warrior. Mars quickly moves after this melee to nod at Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, a sign that our interstellar mercenary is raising rabble related to the Capricorn themes discussed in the previous article. After his swim through Pisces, Mars moves back into his natural habitat in the sign of Aries. The warrior will be here for an extended stay, as he moves retrograde in September.

June is an action packed month—we’ve also got eclipses occurring in Sagittarius and Cancer. The lunar eclipse on June 5th is the first eclipse along the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, beginning to reveal themes related to education, communication, and belief systems. While the moon seeks clear and coherent sources of information, Mars agitates from Pisces, muddling the search for truth. Mercury is sextile Uranus suggesting that the squeaky wheel gets the grease – what the media is presenting as popular discontent and public opinion are likely not one in the same. There is a contentious feeling related to education here, as if the search for knowledge can be considered contemptible. Reform is necessary for learning institutions, but not all will be up to the task.

Additionally, with Venus moving retrograde away from the Sun, we have a tendency to rehash the same old arguments in our relationships again and again. With Mars opposing the moon it will be easier to start a fight than try to work through difficult spots. However, Mars is also the planet of courage. If you’ve been seeking the perfect time to have “the talk” in a relationship, this may be it. Unless you can readily find an outlet for strong emotions, it may be a strained time for committed relationships, and a difficult time for rocky relationships.

The second eclipse occurs on June 21st at 0 degrees Cancer. This one highlights the issue of personal responsibility as the Sun, Moon, and north Node all line up in Gemini and Cancer, while Saturn looks on from Aquarius. There is the feeling here of new paths to tread – we realize that others are not responsible for our education. The initiative and motivation are ours alone, but collectively beneficial. It’s impossible to look at this eclipse series without mentioning the importance of personal and national accountability. With Saturn sitting on the United States moon and the eclipse Sun/Moon affecting the States’ Venus we need to have a national realignment with where we spend our financial and emotional resources. Military spending, reparations, and benefits for essential workers may all be on the table.

Saturn and the Moon are already strange bedfellows – the planet of emoting and the planet of restriction don’t work together easily. Their interaction between the signs of Cancer and Aquarius further pushes the issue – they are both stuck in their own habits, though the eclipse forces us to find a middle path between seeking pleasure and safety and making our way in the world. This eclipse accentuates the discrepancies between people who are safe and happy in home quarantine and those who have fallen out the bottom of the safety net, or those who may desire an anachronistic return to yesteryear. This eclipse stresses patience – with your fellow creatures, with yourself, and with your situation.

Horoscopic Perspective June 1-15

ARIES: Career communications are becoming more difficult to keep on an even keel. If you’ve been contributing to the confusion by only divulging your thoughts erratically, or just blowing up when things aren’t going your way, it’s time to fix what you can control. Work on developing a more organized schedule for meetings and communications. Your friends know they can trust you, this time asks you to deliver that same sort of commitment to your professional life.

TAURUS: Is it time for a big purge? There is some discrepancy between what you own and what you would like to identify yourself with. If you’re planning on a move, it’s a great time to do some extreme decluttering. If you’re staying put, reorganizing and reprioritizing is in order.

GEMINI: The pace is slowing down a bit now that Mercury is out of your sign, and you have the opportunity to further develop and deepen your connection with the new contacts you’ve made over the past month. As you wrap up older projects, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. The stars are with you as you commit to an investment in your future.

CANCER: Looks like we see you dreaming of far off locales in early June. Maybe you tend to prefer visiting places you’ve already been, where you have a physical rapport with the land or sea. With an emphasis on Pisces this month, make sure you get at least a little extra time in the water – even if that means an extended visit to the tub.

LEO: It can be difficult to combine working relationships and friendships. Make a note if your famous inflexibility is getting in the way of making progress in these areas. You may need to bring in the help of a mediator. Covert actions at this time may be unavoidable, but will backfire if you act selfishly or without the group interest in mind.

VIRGO: Your career is enjoying extra attention this month. With Venus moving retrograde across this area of your chart, you need to ask yourself if you really love what you do. We know you pour your heart and mind into your work, but if your position doesn’t appreciate you it may be time to move on. It is also vitally important to emphasize your need for leisure time – if it’s not happening naturally, make it a priority.

LIBRA: Are you feeling like your knowledge base is incomplete in some areas? Consider spending more time on educational pursuits. This area of your chart will be emphasized for the next year, so questions, questing, and schooling are all looking for the input of your eager mind.

SCORPIO: An intimate dialog requires your attention. Your respect is dependent on the ability of your partner to respond with authenticity and commitment with an acceptance of life’s mysteries and ambiguities. Accept nothing less and give nothing less.

SAGITTARIUS: If you’re starting to feel a bit of impostor syndrome, recognize that the process of self-development is a lifelong task. You may struggle to relate to who you were a few months ago, and I guarantee you will feel differently in a year. Resist the urge to rely on old methods of relating, and welcome in a breath of fresh air.

CAPRICORN: Your zeal and spirit are brimming over, but the drudgery of day-to-day is keeping you stuck. We know you are patient, but if you’re beginning to realize you’re climbing the wrong mountain, no one would stop you from turning around and climbing back down. Try to bring some of that new enthusiasm into your work-a-day life, your leadership traits may rub off on others allowing you the freedom you deserve.

AQUARIUS: You were recently introduced to new themes of personal responsibility and collective commitment. With Saturn backtracking out of your sign for now, you need to think of what parts from the last few months you’ve enjoyed, and work to build your life around those new inputs. You are equal parts ambitious and creative, so go get it.

PISCES: You’re learning a lesson about becoming a spiritual warrior right now. Trying to animate your community with the passion you have for your pet projects is a lonely task if you don’t work to involve anyone else. You are stronger and have more support than you think. Reach out, and ask for what you need—help may be closer to home than you think.

Horoscopic Perspective June 16-30

ARIES: You may have been emotionally finished with a situation, but now it looks like you’re getting ready to physically separate yourself as well. The motivation may have been lacking during the past few weeks, but a new start is coming in the summer. Your changing status in your community will help you decide where to focus your efforts.

TAURUS: It can be difficult to rein in spending at the moment. If you’re constantly going over budget, try to focus spending on longer term investments or art objects. Your astrology is focused on healing, so examine your relationship with your resources to make sure you aren’t tossing money away just to avoid empty feelings. Psychic wounds around assertive action and your personal value are at the base of any frivolity now.

GEMINI: It can be difficult to sit with any one thing for too long, but it’s time to focus on you. Catching up with your emotional world is going to be necessary for the month ahead. You’re seeing a new start in your resource base, and help from family or friends can get you where you want to go. Don’t be afraid to retreat from the spotlight a little to make more clear decisions.

CANCER: Happy birthday, crabby one! A solar eclipse on the solstice welcomes change this summer. For you, any irritability or impatience will be best expressed by focusing on international friendships, getting motivated with your studies, and further developing any philosophical or spiritual practices. It looks like harmony and healing are big goals for the year ahead, particularly related to your home life and balance in your career.

LEO: Are there some emotional revelations you’ve been loath to admit to yourself? Constriction around the relationship area of your chart is drawing your focus to what you truly value and bringing questions of commitment to the fore. Are you in a place where you are ready and available for a more serious bond? It is time to learn to love yourself as much as you love others.

VIRGO: The new hobbies you’ve been working on in quarantine are hurtling you into the public sphere at a rate that may make you feel a little uncomfortable. Don’t worry Virgz, find someone to help watch the fort while you enjoy sharing what you’ve accomplished and learned. Making plans for the future could take an exciting new route if you follow your nose and get out of your comfort zone.

LIBRA: You’re pretty good at keeping the peace in your closest relationships. Your friends and partners may be surprised to get a glimpse at a different version of you this summer. Your motivation to tackle career goals may make less time for your other diplomatic activities. Don’t get too feisty with folks who aren’t on board with your mission, particularly if it’s distracting you from the work at hand.

SCORPIO: You may need to spend some time in the summer rethinking goals and plans you thought were solid. Foreign shores may be calling, and your ruler spending time in your house of pleasurable pursuits suggest you should heed the call. A quick foray to somewhere new will recharge you for what looks to be a hard-working summer.

SAGITTARIUS: Ready, aim, foot in mouth! Realign yourself with your values before you speak, Archer. If you catch yourself backpedaling or becoming defensive, use the chance to learn and grow. It’s time for a new start in an intimate relationship, which looks like it could be a lot of fun if you’re willing to let go of old attitudes and behaviors.

CAPRICORN: To love and value your work comes naturally to you, and you may be called on to develop your skills as a teacher or to provide counsel. You are more prepared for this role than you think, even if it means leaving some enjoyable and reliable circumstances behind.

AQUARIUS: It’s okay if it turns out you weren’t quite as organized and prepared as you had hoped. One of your great skills is your ability to plan for the future, but no one can see all the moving parts or guess which way they’ll go. You’ve got time to reassess. Your experiences should buoy your faith that a new beginning is possible, even if it’s not happening as soon as you’d like.

PISCES: If you’re comfortable and current suggestions from medical professionals in your area concur, it’s a lovely time for having friends over to your home and sharing the richness of your inner life. If that’s not possible, spending time with friends in a garden or other quiet surrounds is just the thing to restore your energy for the summer. A cycle that’s focused on tying up loose ends in your career and financial matters is approaching this summer; connections you make now are a hint for the future.