July MMXXI | A.W. Clovenhopf

Caution is implied for most of this month as the heat seems to be going to our heads. Things get spicy as early as the 1st, when Mars opposes Saturn and squares Uranus. The ongoing tension between Saturn and Uranus is the astrological highlight of the year. It shows us a societal need for stability in an unstable time, causing many to behave in reactive and defensive ways. When Mars instigates from Leo, we have the feeling of “now it’s personal” and rush to defend our honor. My best advice for those with a strong attachment to their own ways of being is to tune in to the present—concentration and attention can help calm the chatter of the ego. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer until mid-month, we have the opportunity to attend to our intuition. If we’re mindful we may recognize the ongoing battle between self-justification and fulfillment.

This Saturn/Uranus aspect affects us in a social sense, but also physically by way of our increasingly volatile environment. Uranus’ movement through Taurus shows the progression of a changing climate, and its connections with Mars in Leo add fuel to the flames. For those who are in drought zones, having a contingency plan and revisiting insurance coverage would be prudent.

As Venus chases Mars into Leo, making difficult aspects to Saturn and Uranus. The sweet planet aids us in considering creative solutions for complex situations. Venus and Mars join forces on the 13th and the planets of valor and charm respectively together in the sign of the Lion can mean displays of proud affection, generous gifts and chivalric romance. Alas, night has a day, and there can also be arrogant and inflammatory gestures stemming from self-centeredness. The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, and using our ‘as above so below’ adage, the solar mood has a tendency to project more than reflect. Recognize the need to highlight individual contributions and claim accolades if they are due.

And, if we’ve overstepped our boundaries, we’ll know soon enough. On the 15th, the asteroid Chiron falls retrograde, highlighting feelings of inadequacy or woundedness. The sun trines Neptune and opposes Pluto in quick succession, making us aware of a need for compassion as well as alert to power plays. If there is a correction to be made, this is a good time. We may need to step into our own abilities and embrace a more confident approach now. The Sun marches into the gates of the Lion’s den on July 22, and Venus exits to the Virgo country chateau. She opposes Jupiter now, and so we feel a tug between two conflicting good things or a feeling of needing to make some decisions with the long term in mind. The full moon in Aquarius on the 23rd highlights our relationship to the social world, and dredges up our concerns navigating its limits.

As Jupiter continues retrograde movement back into Aquarius at the end of the month, there may be an increase in mask mandates and increased enforcement of occupancy limits or quarantines. Retreating back into a Saturn-ruled sign, we could see renewed focus on boundaries and the social good. Infrastructure projects and plans to renew or rebuild may also see an increase in interest and motivation. On the 29th, Mars opposes Jupiter and with this face-off arises a great temptation to make up for lost time by exceeding a budget. Careful planning can lead to an ambitious but practical allocation of resources. At the critical 29th degree of the fixed signs Leo and Aquarius, we may feel called to become involved in a community or larger-scale project with some personal benefit. Meanwhile Mars cools his jets quickly after this aspect, moving on into Virgo where more meticulous instincts will prevail.


ARIES: The new moon in soothing Cancer on July 9th invites you to reconsider how you’ve been caring for yourself. Happening in your house of home and family, you may be feeling challenged to find recovery time among your many responsibilities. Are all of your duties validly yours, or things you’ve assumed out of guilt? Consider and take the appropriate actions—tough love is still love.

TAURUS: The new moon in Cancer highlights your intuitive skills, as it’s happening in your house of perception. There may be valuable information coming to you in a form you don’t quite expect or anticipate. With Neptune involved, it can be difficult to not see the picture without a diffused, rosy glow. Trust your instincts, even if it means a need to set some boundaries with someone in your life.

GEMINI: When you aren’t motivated by money, it can be difficult to feel financially secure. The new moon on the 9th is tasking you to become more fluent when it comes to making decisions about your resource base. Gathering the information could even be fun with Venus and Mars working together in your house of neighborhood associations—is it time to reintroduce yourself at the local credit union and open up that saving account or check out financing for a new tour van?

CANCER: You’re bathed in a lovely lunar glow on the 9th as the new moon graces your house of self. If you feel a bit awkward now it may be because your fledgling physical changes are attempting to catch up to what you are already resonant with emotionally. A little extra time looking after your shell can go a long way towards increased comfort and a stronger feeling of presence.

LEO: I’m particularly awful at guessing people’s sun sign with one exception—the quickest way to discover the folks with a strong Leo emphasis in their charts is to see how quick they are to burp out a compliment at someone they’ve just met. The love you provide to those around you is no joke, but without sincerity, it falls flat. The new moon in your house of inner workings wants you to get in touch with that spark again, even if it means taking some time away from the public eye.

VIRGO: The rendezvous between Venus and Mars is happening in your secluded twelfth house. If you’ve been wrestling with a difficult situation, allow yourself the quiet time to begin to process how to proceed understanding what you know to be true. Better self-knowledge leads to a better plan for the future.

LIBRA: Public duties and responsibilities beckon mid-month. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to provide extra care to someone or are called to adopt more responsibility professionally. With boundary-blurring Neptune in your house of work, make sure that you’re clear on what you are willing to provide and expect to receive before you get lost in the mire. It may feel overly formal at first, but taking the time for clarity will be to everyone’s benefit in the long run.

SCORPIO: It looks like you are channeling all your restlessness into your career goals now. When Mars and Venus meet mid-month, you’ve got a breakthrough opportunity. Perhaps additional education or a move is in order to suit this new direction.

SAGITTARIUS: The moment is uniquely suited to a particularly Sagittarian expression: the need to address inner strife by having a shit-ton of fun. The new moon in your introspective eighth house is providing a moody backdrop, but then Venus and Mars conjoining in your house of adventure set their sights for distant shores and new experiences. Only you can tell us how the story ends, Sag!

CAPRICORN: Your partnerships may have given you a feeling of security during an unstable few months. But it looks like now the tides are changing and you may be called to be more supportive or nurturing roles in your relationships. The intensity brought about by committing to the task gets you excited about rediscovering an aspect of yourself you thought long gone or forgotten.

AQUARIUS: Do you feel like you’ve been working hard to tread water? The new moon mid-month tasks you to get organized and cut the inefficiencies out of your daily life. Venus and Mars teaming up in your partnership house suggest that some well-meaning people recognize your situation and can offer you words of wisdom or assistance.

PISCES: There are good times to be had, Pisces! A new moon beckons from your house of pleasure and amusement, while Venus and Mars team up in your house of chores. Making your daily life enjoyable is the goal now. With the right attitude it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your associates to see things your way.


ARIES: The odd thing about the full moon at the end of the month is that it echoes the same degree of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that occurred in December of 2020. It hearkens back to events and possibilities you had wished to enact then. How has your relationship to your goals evolved? If you are able to relinquish an idea that has outlived its usefulness, you may find achievement closer than you think.

TAURUS: Your career agenda looks to be entering a more solid phase as the moon moves towards the crystallizing influences of Saturn. Increased commitment and stability on the home front are the rewards of a job well done; even it just means having more time to install that cat-friendly walkway and condo combo around the dining room.

GEMINI: You’re constantly learning and re-evaluating your educational goals. Has a project you started at the end of 2020 lost direction? If the task was too modest, perhaps it’s time to become a little more ambitious. The moon moving towards Saturn wants you to be serious and relish the process, which could require moving the goalposts now.

CANCER: The full moon at the end of the month feels psychologically intense. With your ruler moving away from Pluto and towards Saturn, it’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Acknowledging your present difficulties without allowing yourself to dawdle in self-pity is the best approach now. Saturn presents you with challenges as an opportunity to learn discipline, self-reliance, and preservation.

LEO: The pandemic has highlighted our relationships in sometimes rewarding and sometimes challenging ways. The emphasis since the spring has been towards separation – getting away from jobs and people that no longer serve our best interest. The full moon on the 23rd asks what it would take to be willing to commit to someone or something. Get clear on what you need and watch the pieces fall into place.

VIRGO: The weird thing about relinquishing control is that we may not realize how our investment in a certain outcome may be inhibiting a more equitable, creative or longer term solution. As much as it may pain you at first, the full moon at the end of the month is a great opportunity to take your white knuckles off the driver’s wheel. Do your best to avoid backseat driving and see where you end up, you may be pleasantly surprised.

LIBRA: It can be difficult to commit to a creative practice. The myth of the awestruck genius befuddles no one more than working artists who spend days in the studio just doing the dang thing. Your relationship with your discipline is begging for an upgrade. Investing in a practice space or studio would be great ways to celebrate the light of the moon shining on your house of creativity.

SCORPIO: A tumultuous year on the home front may have had you stressed about finding balance. It looks like things are starting to settle, but not without a need to let go of some old clutter. It may not be material – the baggage could be emotional or even some sort of habitual response. Around the 23rd, a little continued discomfort could be a good thing. Allow yourself the time to react differently and see what happens.

SAGITTARIUS: The full moon on the 23rd would like to see you solidify your sense of place. It’s not just about putting your hat somewhere – it’s getting to circulate with your community, too. This moon wants you to (safely) rejoin the activities of your neighborhood. Becoming a regular somewhere again would be a great start, but if that’s not an option, social media can serve as a helpful proxy. Setting up your own domain can be a helpful way to use the Saturnian energies available to you.

CAPRICORN: The full moon offers you the ability to stabilize your resources. However, with Saturn involved, long term prospects are more favored than short-term payouts. The catch is having enough confidence and self-knowledge to recognize what would actually be satisfying. Chances are it’s not just the financial that’s caught your fancy now.

AQUARIUS: Even if we know that we are completely and unapologetically prepared to let go of a situation, we can find ourselves going right back to the same old patterns, unable to escape. The full moon on the 23rd highlights this dilemma. Are there loose ends you forgot to tie? Your ruler, Saturn, wants you to recognize how satisfying it is to see something through to the very end, not just until you get bored with it.

PISCES: With your guide planet opposite affable Venus, you may find yourself feeling pretty lucky these days. The full moon falls in your house of closure, endings and release. Before you rush into the next big thing, do a mental check and take some time to drop whatever clutter or baggage you’ve been hauling around or try a quick feng shui treatment for your most utilized space at home.