February MMXXI | A.W. Clovenhopf

Being an astrologer is kind of like time traveling. Flipping the pages of our ephemeris reveals a story, we can sense the mood, conceptualize events, or gain a better understanding of something we didn’t quite grasp at the time. Being attentive to the symbols is helpful, but the limitation of our own imaginations and biases is the fly in the ointment. The planet Mercury plays an important role here, both guiding our perceptions and the processes that follow. Mercury normally goes retrograde a few times each year, but interestingly, each Mercury retrograde in MMXXI happens in an air sign.

For many of us, it may feel like we’re in a liminal space, or doing some armchair time traveling this year. Air signs are interested in objectivity, and Mercury, the planet in closest orbit to the Sun, is the most subjective body. As above, so below: the Sun represents the ego while Mercury, perception, hovers nearby. If we are too convinced of our own gifts we may lose the chance to gain an important impartial perspective. For those who are focused on fairness there may be an ongoing dialogue about what virtues ought to be upheld on a societal level. There is often a feeling of nostalgia during Mercury retrograde times. It’s a time to recall, remember, recollect. Both January of 2021 and January of 2022 end with Mercury going retrograde in Aquarius, making this year feel like a sort of fever-dream, or world between worlds with imaginings of something new to come. Like our astrologer charting the cosmos, we can see it, but can we comprehend?

Lunar New Year is celebrated on February 12 and we welcome the year of the Ox. 2020 was the year of the Rat, who begins the twelve year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Initiatory moments can be difficult to recognize, particularly if we are simultaneously experiencing losses. New beginnings seeded during the past year need tending and recognition to develop. The New Moon on the 11th in Aquarius would be a great moment to take a time out and prepare mentally and spiritually for the upcoming lunar year.

During the new moon, Venus and Jupiter are joined, increasing feelings of optimism and a sense of positive potential. This moon feels similarly to the repeat Mercury retrogrades this year—though we may see the possibility, the moon itself is void-of-course after its formation with the Sun. Progress is not going to happen quickly. A listless malaise overcomes our satellite, and agitating angles from Uranus and stubborn Mars in Taurus draw us back down to the here, the ever-agitating now, our need to update our overwhelmed technology and remind the person patronizing our place of work to put their mask back on. We are making a metaphorical checklist for our little new moon seeds. Is there something wrong with the soil? Do they need less water? More sun? Get the basics right and the process will gain momentum.

On February 17, Saturn squares Uranus. The revolutionary impulse is checked by what is attainable with our limited resources. We are pushed beyond our comfort zone to create equitable, long standing structures with benefits for humanity. Particularly for those born in the years 1987-1988, the fundamental nature of the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge is changing, and some of you may feel called to play a more public role in this development. Additionally, this is an aspect considered by many astrologers to be “the pandemic aspect,” and with ongoing squares throughout the year, we are still in the trenches of battling the coronavirus.

The full moon in Virgo on the 27th emphasizes the axis of service. With Pisces being interested in tuning in to a higher calling, and Virgo’s ability to tidy up the details, this moon can be a great time for creative projects. We have both the inspiration as well as the focus, particularly for literary arts. For those in service through hospitals or essential work, this moon has the friendly feeling of recognition for dutiful effort. Mercury, the guiding planet of the Moon at this time, is between Saturn and Jupiter, slowly picking up steam as it moves in direct motion. Jupiter’s angles suggest there is a reason for hopefulness now; perhaps we have acquired an important piece of the puzzle. Mercury’s interaction with both planets suggests we have managed to learn something new and helpful and we’re beginning to apply it in useful ways.


ARIES: Have you noticed an uptick in LinkedIn invitations lately, Ram? The new moon on the 11th highlights your social networks and a need to get in touch with a broader range of people and form new alliances. Your loyalty to your current situation is honorable, but perhaps new opportunities aren’t all bad. It’s at least worth a look.

TAURUS: Career matters may be moving quickly, but with both Mars and Uranus in your sign you have the ability to keep pace. Remember to speak up for your own interests, but using your energy to go with the flow rather than using it to resist is going to get you much further, faster. New developments are mostly beneficial so stay open to them.

GEMINI: Are you dealing with a relationship situation that has felt like a leaky faucet? Chances are it’s got something to do with what your expectations for your partner look like, or a past situation that you’re struggling to let go of. Mediating between your upbringing and your potential is the key here. What if you were able to drop some of those ideas or traumas and recognize that what your current or prospective partner brings to the table is more wholly amazing than any hang up you’re fixated on?

CANCER: You still have the specter of Pluto hanging out in your house of relationships, but the emphasis on partnering is much more relaxed these days. The focus now seems to be on building something together—perhaps joint investments or ideas of some sort of legacy. With so many planets in Aquarius, it might be a nice time to explore thinking outside the box, such as investments in crypto-currency or rehabbing your parents’ old time share in the Poconos?

LEO: Quarantines have emphasized all of our relationships. The grass is always greener on the other side. The single person searching for their special lovebug and the couple sharing a work-from-home office arrangement are both on a pendulum between feeling miserable and elated. Your partnerships are trying to highlight something about yourself right now. If it seems off, look within first.

VIRGO: Working hard for the money! This looks like a time when you’re busting your butt and deserving of a big “thank you.” If your work situation is not forthcoming with their gratitude, perhaps this alignment of planets in forward-thinking Aquarius is telling you to demand it in the form of a raise or at least an appreciative gesture.

LIBRA: The cosmic lineup in your house of pleasure and creativity seems to suggest you are on a roll these days. Artistic impulses are encouraged; you won’t have this kind of greenlight forever. When I first started playing music I remember a friend telling me to just put a tape out, even if I knew it wasn’t great. Just putting it out there will free up space for whatever is next while simultaneously increasing your confidence. With your ruler conjunct Jupiter on the 11th, I encourage you to have faith, particularly if you’re debating about releasing some project into the world.

SCORPIO: I just did an internet search to see if Scorpions do in fact molt. They do! I mean, you are! With a lot of planetary emphasis in your house of home and inner workings, this is suggestive of the elusive “pre-molt” period where you need a safe space to slip into something a little more comfortable. Feel free to elicit some tail-flick warnings to people who aren’t respecting your boundaries right now. You’re in the middle of something big and need some room to figure it out.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s never too late to work on communication skills. Particularly within the habits of an intimate relationship, we can develop ways of getting our needs met that aren’t direct or even helpful. Being forthright comes naturally to you, so this looks like a great time to have a sit down with someone you feel has been the sender or recipient of mixed messages.

CAPRICORN: This past year has taught you, more than most, that life can be painfully unfair. It has also hopefully reminded you that life is worth the pain of living. February sees you assessing the damages and finding new comforts in your resources. These may not be all material; there is a poetic and spiritual feeling to the gifts up for offer at this moment.

AQUARIUS: There is so much to celebrate right now Aquarius! Your birthday season, Imbolc, Lunar New Year, Lupercalia if that’s your bag. Jupiter is considered the “greater benefic,” but, in practice, it’s more complicated. Think of the phrase “careful what you wish for.” There is a lot of hurt that can come from expectations that are too high, or hopes that are not suited to where you’re going. With Venus and Jupiter together in your sign around birthday time this year, the gifts will keep coming, even if you feel a little let down right now or they aren’t taking the shape you’d dreamed.

PISCES: Daydreaming doesn’t need to be a passive hobby, Pisces. The current astrology suggests that you’ve got a very active dream life right now. Perhaps some of those hopes need to be committed to paper or expressed through some creative practice. It doesn’t need to be anything serious, but with so much happening behind the scenes, keeping a record of your thoughts right now may be helpful for future reference.


ARIES: The end of the month sees a full moon highlighting your sixth house of labors and chores. When’s the last time you took an honest rest, my horned friend? We are grateful for all you do, but we can tend the flock while you take a needed break. If you’re in love with needing to be needed, consider if controlling or possessive tendencies are keeping you from being able to relax.

TAURUS: Isn’t it strange how sometimes even if we want to do something, we never seem to find the time or energy? A friendly angle between the Moon and Mars in your sign at the end of the month is a cosmic nudge to get moving on a project you’ve been putting off. If you’re avoiding something because it’s just for you or a hobby – go for it! The cosmos is suggesting it’s time for a necessary creative release.

GEMINI: Something on the home front may need your attention at the end of the month. As much as you may like to be out and about right now, it looks like your energy would be best spent applying that curiosity to matters close at hand. The Virgo full moon is all about the details, so it’s a great time for edits and finishing touches.

CANCER: With a full moon in your house of communications at the end of the month, is it what’s been said or what hasn’t been said? Courageous Mars and deep-diving Pluto team up with THE moon to give you the strength to sort it out. Give yourself a day on the 27th to feel through it, and the chat is best scheduled for the following day. Kindness matters, but not if it prevents you from sharing an important truth.

LEO: There’s a sense of you deriving great satisfaction from a partnership at the end of the month, but with strings attached. It can be a difficult situation when your admiration for someone turns into a feeling of competition. If there’s money involved, remember how you love to be generous when you can afford it, so don’t be shy when someone offers to foot the bill. Learning to negotiate and take turns in the spotlight is part of being in any relationship.

VIRGO: The full moon at the end of the month sees you trying to negotiate the tricky matters of duty, responsibility, and wishes for something bigger and better. This philosophical quandary is happening between your houses of self, relationships, and work. Like the Ministry song, you’ve gotta work for love, Virgo. It’s worth it to put in the overtime now.

LIBRA: It looks like you’ve tapped into a new source of joy that is now spreading into your daily routine. Making it a regular healthy habit is doing wonders for your shadow side, too. If you’re feeling particularly emotional at the end of the month blast something really dirgey and let it roll. Healing isn’t usually very pretty, but it happens when we’re strong enough to make a necessary change.

SCORPIO: Astrology has some strange quirks. One of them is that the house of “Marriage Partners” is the same as the House of “War.” Spend some time in an intimate relationship and this complicated turf isn’t immediately as much of a paradox as it seems. Anyways, with your ruler moving through this house and the Sun and Moon bringing attention to your friendships and pastimes, it looks like you need a break from a challenging home life or relationship situation. Indulge yourself in friendly activities, but be sure you’re not just adding new recruits to your ranks!

SAGITTARIUS: A lucky break can seem really wonderful at the time, but eventually, if you haven’t put the effort in, it can feel like a disaster. The full moon at the end of the month is a reminder that your good fortune continues, but with the requirement that you approach new circumstances consciously and with curiosity. Your world is growing by leaps and bounds as long as you don’t get caught up in doing things the same old way.

CAPRICORN: When you’re building something of lasting value, every detail matters. It can be difficult to stay focused on the little things when it seems like you’ve got so far to go. A goat climbing a cliff face can hold on to surprisingly little amounts of rock while it glides upwards. You’re in a similar state now, it may feel like you’re on a ledge, but life is telling you to pay attention step-by-step.

AQUARIUS: Sometimes you need to lean on other people’s resources or pool your skills to get where you’d like to go. You understand the value of team effort, so don’t allow yourself to commandeer the situation. The stars are showing you the value of working out the details in tandem. Go with it, even if it means some compromises. It may feel like a vulnerable place to be, but if you want the results to be bigger than you, you’ve got to commit to the process.

PISCES: Venus crossing your solar first house and a full moon in your house of commitments are signs that you’ve been taking good care of yourself. Satisfaction is available to you now, even if it just means an indulgent evening in. With so much astrological action happening in your house of secrets, time is well spent caring for something or someone close to your heart.