April MMXXI | A.W. Clovenhopf

We find ourselves in a fog at the month’s start. Mercury is still in touch with ethereal Neptune and we are at a loss for words. Feelings come and go, and if you can swing it, it’s best not to force yourself to achieve right now. Hang in there—on the Fourth of April Mercury sprints into Aries and we begin to feel more clarity. Physical activity is recommended to get grounded and expend some of that befuddled energy. We may find that our earlier dawdling has led to impatience. Know your desires well enough to avoid speaking too soon or against your long term interests.

April 9th gives ample astrological opportunity to organize our thoughts. A square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces implies that our focus could be drained by our own mental disorganization. Gemini and Pisces are both “dual-bodied” signs, so called because their images feature two bodies. You contain multitudes, but that doesn’t mean every facet of your personality agrees on what’s most important. If you are losing track of details or just trying to achieve too much in too little time, cut yourself some slack. Get all the weird versions of you in line, or at least in some sort of queue. If that’s impossible—call for backup. Delegating your needs can be a great way to put all those wayward energies to use.

The new moon in Aries on the 11th echoes this energy. If you’re feeling rudderless, moving your body can help a great deal. The Sun feels comfortable in Aries—the Ram’s need for achievement and honor suits the gravitas of our galactic furnace. On the 15th, angles between the Sun and Jupiter amp up this energy. Careful with physical endeavors now. Our vitality is high, but accidents may be caused by impetuousness. This can be a good time for self-promotion if you’re sitting on unreleased material.

On the 16th, the Sun squares Pluto, highlighting rifts in our technique versus our goals. The Sun and Venus have also recently trodden over the territory of Eris, the asteroid of Discord. Is there an aspect of our situation we forgot to consider? Competition can lead to achievement if we’re willing to work through issues together and learn from our mistakes. Mercury approaches the Sun on April 18th. Here it can be difficult to not become blinded by our own ego and its many desires. With the conjunction occurring at 29 degrees Aries we are at a crisis point. We must assimilate what we’ve learned, even if that means looking beyond our immediate comfort. The crisis is related to whatever has recently been tasking us to develop courage, where Aries falls in your own chart will provide more clues.

On April 22nd, Venus conjoins Uranus, giving a feisty edge to our creative impulses and relationships. Venus has recently moved into Taurus, and is pleased to celebrate life’s pleasures. The interaction between Venus and Uranus suggests that maybe the pandemic indulgence of ordering a fast food feast delivered to your abode followed by a binge watch session might be starting to lose some appeal. The cosmos encourages you to try something new.

On the 23rd, Mars moves into Cancer. This isn’t really Mars’ favorite place to hide out. Watch for reactivity, and channel martial drives toward protection rather than conquest now. On the 26th we have a full Moon in Scorpio, which feels a little unsettling. We may find ourselves in a sticky situation now, but we also have the opportunity to work through it. There’s a certain amount of personal fixity required or appreciated now. Taurus and Scorpio are both known for their ability to get the job done, come what may. The opposition between the Sun and Moon is intercepted by Saturn in Aquarius, again emphasizing the desire of this Moon to focus on the long term.

The way out of this impasse is good old hard work. We must apply ourselves, pay attention and be honest. Results are gradual but meaningful. With Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio, we are likely craving some emotional connection or availability, only to be met with cool aloofness. Recognize the value of this practical support and set proper boundaries so you are able to find emotional satisfaction within yourself.


ARIES: Hey hey new moon birthday baby! Everyone’s got Aries in their chart somewhere, and it’s where they’re likely to have the most pluck, for weal or woe. There’s a lot of action happening in the sign of Aries right now, suggesting your particular brand of brave is both admired and necessary. We know you are fearless when it comes to defending your friends and loved ones, but slow moving asteroids Chiron and Eris camped out in your sign suggest that you are also developing the courage to confront some old demons. You don’t need to go it alone if you don’t want to, Ram.

TAURUS: Even though the new moon is happening in a quiet corner of your life, you may be alert to the potential for a fresh start as your ruler is present with the Moon. Make time for closure and release at the start of the month. Venus enters Taurus on the 14th and wants you to feel fresh as a daisy. Make time for creativity now, it will be a great way to welcome your season and release whatever’s been holding you back.

GEMINI: There’s a lot of pop astrology that loves to paint you as the captain of scuttlebutt, but I think they’re wrong about you, Gemini. With the new moon happening in your house of allies, perhaps you need to swab the decks of some malicious rumors or character assassination attempts. Your adaptable nature and curiosity naturally incline you to engage others in conversation… but take care that your playfulness doesn’t come off as treating others as playthings.

CANCER: It looks like a domestic streak over the past few months is starting to wrap up for you. With Mars about to enter your sign and an ambitious new moon in your career house, your plans are picking up steam. Aries, host of the new moon and fellow cardinal sign, is also a fan of the exoskeletal fortifications. You need to be a little prickly to go on the offensive. I see you popping on those sunglasses, N-95, and heading into the fray with money on your mind.

LEO: With a lot of emphasis on your opposing sign, Aquarius, you may have felt like your firepower has been fizzling out lately. Attention paid to partners will come back to you in one way or another, but the Aries new moon puts the focus on your goals. Any restrictions can feel suffocating now, so the trick is to navigate supporting others without alienating your own needs.

VIRGO: The new moon on the 11th may serve the important purpose of highlighting something (or someone) that has been lost. Reflection and perhaps some intensity may be necessary to address the feelings present at this time. Perhaps you find yourself needing the support of someone else, either emotionally or some sort of financial backing. Use your guardedness and diligence wisely, don’t sign on the dotted line just because you’re distressed.

LIBRA: When we want so badly to love, sometimes we love things or people that aren’t great for us. But hey, where’s the fun in playing by the rules?! With Aries on the cusp of your house of marriage, you may find yourself head over heels before you even know what hit ya. With your ruler testing the water of more serious commitment, now is a great time to clarify where both you and the person or object of your affection stand, before you’ve dedicated yourself to something you weren’t quite prepared for.

SCORPIO: There is energy to clear up stagnation in your health or work habits in early April. With your ruler Mars in charge of both lunations this month, there’s a special emphasis on the connection between your ambition and your emotional life. Any Spring cleaning ritual, detoxifying salt bath or sage burning are put to great use now. Doesn’t everything feel better after a good scrub?

SAGITTARIUS: The astrological omens for you are painting quite the picture. There’s a new moon in your house of pleasure while sweet wifely Juno is parked in your house of appearances, directly engaging the gaze of Mars on a crusade in Gemini. Zoom calls are heating up, hey? Or mating in captivity is starting to have its advantages? This plague has been rough on the amorous, my dear Sagittarius. I would not be one to judge you for getting it while the gettin’s good!

CAPRICORN: It looks like attempts at a fresh start on the home front are hampered by a tight budget. You’ve learned how to be resourceful and make a little go a long way, so allow yourself to get creative in order to make yourself more comfortable. Teaming up and working with other family members may now bring an unexpected sense of joy and excitement to your home.

AQUARIUS: A new moon in your house of communications and neighborhood adventures is begging for exploration either by foot or by word. Getting out into your world feels particularly exciting in the Spring when there’s a whole new plant and insect kingdom buzzing back to life, too. If you can’t get physically mobile, make sure you take time to engage in some proper mischief via learning something new.

PISCES: With the new moon in your house of values, you may be asked to come to the defense of something important to you. It can be difficult to choose a side, but the risk of being without a moral compass feels much worse. Mars’ movement across your home sector means you are being tasked with developing the courage to choose based on lived experience. A word of caution: just because it’s happened to you doesn’t mean it needs to be that way for everyone else. Use the energy to examine your life and become prepared for the big decision.


ARIES: Venus has been doing her best to grace your sign with her presence. Have the results felt a little awkward? Love has tried to return, but maybe it looked more like competition or some ill-begotten artistic kerfuffle. Once Venus enters Taurus on the 15th you get a reprieve – the emphasis turns towards valuing yourself and you realize how many blessings you’ve got to count. No need to fuss or force it, Aries!

TAURUS: The full moon at the end of the month feels tense. The Sun, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, and the Black Moon Lilith are all camped out in your house of self, staring down the moon in your partner house, Scorpio. Not willing to budge? Not even with an extra scoop of sugar and a cherry on top? Try turning to a trusted older person for advice. Saturn in Aquarius personifies the kind of tough love and practical wisdom you need now.

GEMINI: If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, the full moon on the 26th is a cosmic red light. You may want to keep pushing on through, but your interests will be best served by forcing some chill time. If that is impossible right now, at least carve out a few minutes at the end of the month to empty your mind and retreat from your circumstances.

CANCER: Mars’ entry to your sign and the moon’s fullness in your house of pleasurable pursuits shows you in a new light. Maybe you’re working up the strength to do something just because you love to do it? A big planetary lineup in your house of friends shows you’ve got the social resources if you’d like to tap into it.

LEO: The full moon at the end of the month is interesting, because all your fellow fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius) feature planets vying for attention. And Leo, often accused of extra dramatics, is just taking in the scene and trying to make a fair judgement. Enjoy your objectivity now, Leo, and be ready to share your observations if it’s appropriate.

VIRGO: Communications take on a grand timeframe at the end of the month when the full moon highlights your long-term plans and projects. You have both the ability to see the importance of realistic details and the optimism to think big for the future. Write down your goals now, you may be surprised at the scale when you get them on paper – and the ease with which you are able to make a plan to tackle them.

LIBRA: Perhaps you’re noticing that whatever defines your relationship has a ripple effect on your own values and worth. Energy applied to the form of partnership returns to you at the full moon on the 26th. It’s not anything as fearful as the idea of karma or fate, but with your ruler, sweet Venus, at the helm in your borrowed resources sector, it’s more like a reward for dutiful effort. The satisfaction in building something together is sometimes more important than any financial benefit.

SCORPIO: You may not be one to care much for the spotlight, but it can be difficult to avoid at the end of the month. With a full moon shining on your house of self, people can’t help but notice your contributions. If you have been waiting for the chance to get ahead or ask a favor in the education or philosophically inclined realms, now is the time. Your authenticity and loyalty are recognized and appreciated.

SAGITTARIUS: The end of the month is a great time to explore the uncharted territory of your own backyard. With your ruler in the house of neighborhood travels, foot travel or bicycle are most preferred. The idea here is to slow your roll enough to notice something new about your environment. Taking a different route to work or tying on your rollerblades (I know you have a pair, Sag) can make all the difference now.

CAPRICORN: Your load appears to lighten a bit at the end of the month, Cap. With the Sun moving through your house of fun and the moon in your house of friends, is your circle getting their vaccines and getting on with life again? Saturn’s presence in your house of values implies (warranted!) caution, but that doesn’t need to mean miserliness.

AQUARIUS: In a simpler world, home life and work life are a nice balancing act. More often, it’s one or the other that gets emphasized. Right now… home is where the work is? The end of the month shows an emphasis on your changing career role and its effect on your home status. An upgrade in career may require a change in domestic duties or location.

PISCES: We can go through a cycle of enthusiasm - we grasp a subject and learn all we can. As we delve deeper, we discover how little we truly understand. You’re in a similar phase now, where your studies are leading you to become the teacher, and your students are teaching you more than texts ever could. What does it mean to be an authority on a subject? If luck is on your side, your mind stays open enough to see the beauty in all of it.